Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Bring petrol-diesel under GST
Dear Editor, It refers to statement of Union Petroleum Minister advising states to cut taxes on petrol and diesel to overcome effect of regular price-rise. But one-time cut in tax-rate by states can in no way check regular price-rise in accordance with rise in crude-price. Rather it is absurd to harm public-exchequers by some states where polls are due in coming months by such cut in tax-rates only for political purposes. Instead Dharmendra Pradhan should make sincere initiative to bring petrol and diesel under GST to ensure uniform pricing throughout the country. Any subsidy in prices of petrol and diesel to overcome rising crude-price will be adverse to Indian economy. However some practical steps can help control the situation. 1. Since government is the biggest user of petroleum pro...
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Demonetization can help recover faulty implementation
Dear Editor Demonetization of old currency-notes on 08.11.2016 was indeed a bold and right decision, but failed due to poor implementation. If 50-percent Disclosure-Scheme would have been announced on 08.11.2016 itself, public-exchequer would have been flooded. But people had exchanged old currency on heavy discount upto 40-percent by the time scheme was announced. Currency-crunch could have not been there if old currency would have been allowed to be accepted at public-utility sale-points and services without any hitch till 31.12.2016, with very limited scope of misuse. Only one ID-proof say Aadhar-card should have been allowed to prevent individuals exchanging notes more than once. Poison only can kill poison. Demonetization of rupees-2000 currency-notes allowing these to be deposite...
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United we stand divided we fall
Dear Editor, For understanding this beautiful quote, we have to dwell into the history of our freedom struggle. When we ponder into the history of our nation. We can clearly infer that it was the disunity among Indians which leads to slavery of our country under foreign oppressor. Indians have understood the cost of disunity when they were under the British rule. The Britishers took the advantage of our heterogeneous society of country. They found that people were divided among various caste, religious, regional and lingual groups with having princely states. Due to this division, the Britisher remained successful in capturing India and they have plundered the wealth of our country. It is noteworthy to mention here that "First War Of Independence" was fought in 1857. But we failed to at...
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Popular Saridon and Vicks-Action-500 amongst 328 banned Fixed-Dose-Combination medicines
Dear Editor, It refers to Union Health Ministry banning 328 Fixed-Dose-Combination drugs out of total 349 recommended to be banned by Chandrashekhar Kokate Committee with six more allowed with restricted sale. Central government should publicize complete list with their respective brand-names. Banned medicines include commonly advertised popular medicines like Saridon and Vicks-Action-500 which continued to be household names in India for last so many decades. Surprisingly medicines considered harmful are banned in India years after these are banned in foreign countries with further delay by money-minting drug-manufacturing companies obtaining stay from courts. Surprisingly courts grant easy stay-orders even on such aspects requiring only medical-experts seated as judges to decide on s...
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Unrolling carpets at T-3 terminal of New Delhi Airport
Dear Editor, Delhi International Airport Limited DIAL is unrolling from T-3 terminal of Indira Gandhi International Airport at New Delhi, costly 2000 rolls of carpet prepared through tireless work of four months by 320 workers using 20 weaving-machines at a unit near Pune for the prestigious airport-terminal opened at time of Commonwealth Games held at Delhi in the year 2010. Even though these woven carpets are being unrolled at New Delhi Airport on complaints about difficulties faced in dragging trolley-bags, yet otherwise use of woven carpets must be totally banned because being unhygienic and also requiring costly washing frequently. It was indeed a funny and shocking aspect to see a patient-room in a private hospital of New Delhi having a woven carpet just to exhibit being luxurious...
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Discourage production of costly cars in India
Dear Editor, Union Ministry of Road Transport has now permitted each manufacturer of cars and motor-bikes to import upto 2500 units of imported ones and also permitting upto 500 buses and trucks separately by each manufacturing company irrespective of price and engine-capacity. But there should be a pre-condition that foreign companies may help setting up of plants by concerned Indian companies to manufacture such vehicles in India too if so desired. To discourage use of economical diesel, cars and motor-bikes should be allowed only with petrol-engines. Import-duty on imported vehicles should be quite high because only affording ones can purchase these. At the same time, central government should take steps to discourage costly vehicles by having double GST may be in form of cess on cos...
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Formality of celebrating Hindi Day
Dear Editor, Formality of celebrating Hindi-Day on 14th September this year was surprisingly not fulfilled this year by giving big newspaper-advertisements of public-sector companies. Hindi did become National Language on 26.01.1965 by which time constitution-makers had required English to be totally replaced by Hindi in government-use. But due to anti-Hindi agitations in South India, constitution was amended to continue English for ever in government-working. It was pleasant to note that English news-bulletins on 26.01.1965 called All India Radio as Akashwani and Prime Minister as Pradhan Mantri and likewise. Since such frequent changes are not permitted in defence-services, armed forces happily continue with Hindi vocabulary in its use. All public-sector companies should adopt Hindi n...
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Abridged Annual Reports are of no use
Dear Editor, It is high time we do away with the provisions of the abridged annual report of the companies with a suitable amendment in the Companies Act. Public at large is investing in shares of companies, they need full disclosure of financial affairs and other relevant information, as it is submitted to the Registrar of Companies – only then will it be considered full transparency to its shareholders. Till then Abridged Annual Report should be sent only to those shareholders who have given their consent in writing of its confirmation duly signed; and for others-who have not opted in writing FULL ANNUAL REPORT COPY should be sent through Post preferably by Speed Post or Courier. —Mahesh Kapasi, B-49 Gulmohar Park, New Delhi....
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NAA should accept submissions for general improvements
Dear Editor, National Anti-Profiteering Authority NAA is one of many such public-utility forums which are not known to common people. Central Government should publicise this and other such forums and helpline-websites so that more and more people may be able to take advantage of such ideal and unique features of governance-system. Rather it can be made mandatory to print details of such consumer-friendly authorities on back of invoices. NAA has now given newspaper-advertisements on 13.09.2018 in leading newspapers about its activities. But presently NAA entertains only individual complaints. Recently NAA wrote back that it does not handle public-interest suggestions which may auto-check anti-consumer practices resulting in removing malpractice of excessive profiteering at root-level. N...
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Welcome step to DEMAT shares of even unlisted companies
Dear Editor, Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs has taken welcome decision requiring dematerialization-DEMAT of physical shares of even unlisted companies from 02.10.2018 directing that no trading will then be possible through physical shares. Already the ministry has made it compulsory for DEMAT of shares of listed companies by 05.12.2018 for trading and transfer. Since there may be a huge share-holdings in name of dead or aged persons having forgotten about their holdings in various companies in form of shares, debentures and other instruments, Union Ministry of CorporateNomination should be made mandatory in all DEMAT accounts. To prevent frauds, DEMAT accounts should only be available in banks and government-companies like Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited. Presently priva...
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Magnifying glass needed to read name of medicine on medicine-strip
Dear Editor, Recently I purchased in emergency four tablets cut from a strip of ten of the medicine Zolfresh-5. But I was shocked that the name of medicine printed on side of the cut-strip was printed in so tiny letters that I had to use magnifying-glass to confirm name of the medicine. It may be that the total strip of ten might have Zolfresh-5 printed once on the strip in readable size. But problem arises in case of remaining tablets to be used later in need when the cut-strip is left either without name of the medicine or name printed in unreadable size. It should be made compulsory to print name of the medicine on complete strip over every tablet-capsule. Moreover, it should also be compulsory to print-emboss name of the medicine individually on each tablet-capsule. Alternatively, s...
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Delhi govt. launches unique Home-Delivery-Of-Public-Services
Dear Editor, Delhi Chief Minister deserves all compliments for gifting people of Delhi a unique Home-Delivery-Of-Public-Services from 10.09.2018, perhaps being the only such initiative not only in India but even in the complete world covering 40 services to start with to be increased by 60 more in coming months on a nominal fees of rupees 50 in all convenient hours from 8 am in the morning till 10 pm in late evening so that people may take advantage even after returning from normal work. The service will not only save huge man-hours of general public, but also provide public-dealing offices of Delhi government to work more efficiently avoiding direct dealing with members of public. Service will be of great advantage of illiterate people where service-providing team-members will even be f...
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Dowry-like Act necessary for victim-husbands through wives and in-laws
Dear Editor, Suicide by senior police-officer of Kanpur because of uneasy family-life calls for some dowry-like Act to save husband-victims by wives and in-laws. Police-authorities can confirm misuse of Dowry-Act for blackmailing husbands and their family-members by wives and their family-members for exhorting money and valuables is increasing day-by-day. Only some new criminal Act or amendment in existing Acts can prevent undue harassment of husbands and his family-members from opposite side. Unfortunately fast-changing life-styles including in fixing marriages in totally unknown families through social and print media has vanished ancient Indian style of marriage-fixing within known families is resulting in unmatched marriages and cases of domestic violence and uneasy family-lives. —M...
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