Monday, May 21, 2018
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Prevent foreign companies victimising users of computer-printers
Dear Editor, Presently all computers and computer-related items being sold in India are by and large foreign-branded imported from other countries. These foreign companies deliberately sell printers at much lower cost aiming to mint money by having abnormally high costs of ink-cartridges. Union government must impose condition on these manufacturers-importers for compulsory manufacture of ink-cartridges in India with authority to any desiring Indian companies for manufacture of cartridges thus eliminating monopoly of printer-manufacturers to manufacture/import ink-cartridges by them only. It will boost dyeing Indian industries because of large-scale invasion of Chinese and other imported goods in Indian markets. Indian companies should also be authorised refill ink-cartridges without a...
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Horse-Trading and the BJP..!
Many of my friends, a few who had left the country for greener pastures outside, were quite surprised to hear Kumaraswamy's speech accusing the BJP leaders of trying to start horse trading in the state after the elections, "I didn't know Karnataka was into horses," said a friend from Kentucky, as he looked out of his window onto the paddock he owned and which I'd heard had some of the best prize horses in the world, "If I'd known I would have flown some of my best ones down before the elections. I'm sure mine would have given those the BJP are after, a run for their money!" "The BJP need those horses urgently!" I exclaimed to my horse owning Kentucky friend, "They are allegedly offering 100 crores for the trade!" "Hundred crores for horse trading!" asked my friend incredulously, "Let...
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CAG should enquire the matter
Dear Editor, It is indeed a matter of concern and investigation that policy of daily revision of petrol and diesel according to global market was kept suspended for 19 days before voting took place in Karnataka resulting in a loss of rupees 500 crores to public-sector oil-companies. Similar loss to public-exchequer was there before elections for Gujarat state-assembly. It is unfair that the nation may lose financially because of political requirements of ruling party. It also means that there is no autonomy in public-sector oil-companies which dance to unwritten dictate of political rulers. Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India should look into the matter. Enquiry should be initiated and strict-most action be taken against chairpersons of all the concerned public-sector oil-com...
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Judicial independence
Dear Editor, As a desperate BJP wants to overpower the judiciary too, there is a very disturbing disquiet over the slippery slope on which judicial values are slithering. With Narendra Modi all out to corrode and corrupt even the independence of the judiciary, the current beleaguered Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra who is due to retire later this year on Gandhi Jayanti, may follow in the steps of a former Chief Justice of India P. Sathasivam who within weeks of his retirement was rewarded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with an appointment on 31st August 2014 as the Governor of Kerala. To ensure the highest standards of judicial independence and to ward off even the faintest trace of governmental influence on the judiciary, there needs to be at least a two year "cooling off perio...
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Administration afraid of taking corrective measures against wrong-doing by selected ones
Dear Editor, There were news-items regarding clearing of all encroachments from Subhash Marg from Delhi Gate to GPO crossing in Delhi. But a recent shop named Shahi Zaika opened as encroachment on public-road or footpath along side erstwhile (now closed) Daryaganj Post Office stands as before. Even large scale unauthorised constructions made on two mosques at extreme ends of main Daryaganj Road on Subhash Marg remained unaffected. This is not the case only on Subhash Marg. Mosques all over the capital city by and large have made unauthorised constructions encroaching even roads and footpaths. But authorities including civic bodies and police avoid removing such illegal and unauthorised constructions. Even Delhi High Court took harshly even ordering CBI enquiry on stalling a big Hanuman ...
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Thunderstorms hit life badly
Dear Editor, Sadly, a good number of people were killed across the country as rain, thunderstorms hit various states throwing life out of gear and leaving behind a trail of destruction due to falling of trees also. Trees are elixir of life -essential and must for good environment for human beings to live healthy and hearty. There are enough laws for their protection. But that needs urgent amendments to allow removal of very weak and dangerous ones like falling easily on low speed of air-storm. One way is to check at regular intervals their strength to face how much velocity-speed of air it can withstand and such measures to check their strength to stand and bear some minimum speed storm. For weak one’s necessary corrective actions life nurturing properly to increase their strength or rem...
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Karnataka results establish voters are not happy with either of BJP and Congress
Dear Editor, Election-results of Karnataka state-assembly establish beyond doubt that voters are neither ready to forgive sins of Congress nor are happy with continuing wrong policies of present BJP government at the centre. BJP which came to power with anticipation of a party-with-a-difference, proved itself to be like other political parties notorious for politics of opportunism with persons like Naresh Agrawal admitted only for a single MLA vote for one crucial Rajya Sabha seat. BJP gave party-tickets to some notorious fellows even though some of them could win due to money-power. Necessity of snatching of important portfolios from some ministers on eve of counting of votes for Karnataka assembly proves that even top BJP leaders are aware of annoyance of people on working of their pa...
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Why not replace political rallies with live TV debates
Dear Editor, It is indeed regretting that even Prime Minister has to waste huge precious time in election-rallies because of unholy political culture of mega-budgeted and unproductive political rallies. India should adopt healthy democratic culture of USA where live TV debates between prominent leaders and Prime-Ministerial or Chief-Ministerial candidates are usual feature. There are candidates who contest elections only for exhibiting their richness through competitive most expensive election-rallies even though very well knowing that they are going to lose even security-deposits. There is unnecessary diversification of public-resources in security required for political rallies. There is burnt of precocious fuel coupled with usual allegations of collecting crowd misusing government-res...
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Dematerialization be only through government-agencies
Dear Editor, Dematerialization of shares from physical form was started several decades ago. But lack of awareness has deprived many small investors about necessity of dematerialization because listed shares now cannot be sold or transferred without dematerialization. Moreover there is clarity about transfer or sale of non-listed companies. Concerned ministry or department of central government should direct all companies to send one more reminder for dematerialization of shares clearly mentioning holding of shares, debentures or any other form of investment to individual investors. This reminder should also mention details of unclaimed dividends, interests etc held either by the company or transferred to government-funds as per rules, clearly mentioning procedure to claim these. Even p...
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UTI should inform investors about latest position of their holdings
Dear Editor, Unit Trust of India (UTI) was formed through a central legislation in the year 1963 for giving small investors a trustworthy government-institution for investments. But The UTI Act 1963 was repealed in the year 2003 paving way for the bifurcation of UTI into Specified Undertaking of Unit Trust of India (SUUTI) and UTI Mutual Fund (UTIMF) with UTIMF promoted by four large Public Sector Financial Institutions as sponsors, viz., State Bank of India, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Bank of Baroda and Punjab National Bank with each of them holding a 18.24% stake in the paid up capital of UTI AMC. UTI Mutual Fund is the oldest and one of the largest mutual funds in India with over 10 million investor accounts under its 230 domestic schemes or plans as on September 30, 2017. ...
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Remove capping on number of auto-rickshaws in Delhi for reducing ever-increasing number of cars on city-roads
Dear Editor, Adding 10000 more auto-rickshaws, very economical and comfortable travel-mode through adequate number of e-rickshaws and spread of metro-rail network in the city has been of much relief to citizens of Delhi especially middle-income group. Now number of cases of auto-rickshaws refusing to move according to fare-meters has considerably come down, though not totally finished. Need is to remove capping on number of auto-rickshaws by issuing licence for auto-rickshaw on demand to every one having proper driving-licence. It will create a much-desired situation of supply being more than demand. Moreover auto-fares may be fixed in multiples of one rupee for every one-tenth of a kilometre with minimum tariff of rupees thirty. Such corrective steps will create a situation where auto-d...
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Now water of rail-toilets used for pantry-cars
Dear Editor, It refers to rail-staff caught on camera filling water from rail-toilets to cook food in pantry cars. Earlier there have been lot of complaints regarding food served in trains being prepared in most unhygienic conditions. All this can and should be practically checked by selling only packaged food-items in multiple choices to the rail-passengers by paying some nominal sale-commission to serving staff, rather than including cost of cooked food served in trains compulsorily in ticket-costs. There is a sizable number of passengers who have peculiar choices of food like without onion and garlic. There are diabetic patients who cannot consume sweets served in paid food thuis unnecessarily paying for these. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) should increase ...
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