Friday, January 19, 2018
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End of Haj subsidy welcomed by all
Dear Editor, Union government should be complimented for its yet other bold decision to end Haj-subsidy in one go, a step welcomed by all including Muslim-community and even main opposition Congress party. But big question is why Congress could not take the much-desired step in its own regime. Bitter fact remains that except the present ruling party at the Centre and some small political groups, all other major political parties till now used to stick to minority-appeasing policy simply for vote-bank politics which were in fact harmful for even the Minority community. Present Central Government has already marched ahead with its such other bold steps like on Triple Talaq which have given minority-women a sigh of relief where men in their community though publicly admitting a bad practice...
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People's faith in judiciary shaken
Dear Editor Four senior judges of the Supreme Court raised questions for allegedly allocating cases arbitrary manner. Whatever concerns were, there it would have been better to settle internally with Bar Council or in arbitration itself. Making it public is not the right thinking for the democracy as people's faith in judiciary is shaken by such allegations. And politicians take advantage of it and exploit such news-events to their favour by politicising any matter -may it be against democracy or peoples interest at large-they exploit it as a vote bank politics only. No party is an exception in exploiting the voters to turn them in favour. --Mahesh Kumar Gulmohar Park, New Delhi...
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Now SC officers to get rupees 21000 per annum as washing allowance
Dear Editor, After many allowances were abolished on recommendations of seventh Pay Commission including washing allowance, decision of central government to allow but only for Supreme Court officers at rupees 21000 per annum is questionable. Earlier this washing allowance was for armed forces and other para-military staff that too at much less amount of rupees 10000. Seventh Pay Commission had abolished many allowances by including these through pay-hike. Another big question is why such liberalisation is only for Supreme Court officers. It may be remembered that Supreme Court judges in the year 2016 had gifted themselves with unique post-retirement life-time facility of domestic help not only for themselves but also for their spouses even though they are given handsome pension after r...
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Centre’s U-turn over national anthem
Dear Editor, It is unbelievable but true that central government filed affidavit at Supreme Court leading Apex Court suspending its verdict of 30.11.2016 whereby playing national anthem at cinema halls was made compulsory. Central government sought six-month time for committee of ministers to take a final call on the issue. Committee of ministers could be desired to submit its report on such a small issue to avoid pending playing of national-anthem at cinema-halls indefinitely. There seems to be a fine strategy in taking U-turn by central government on the issue since ruling party at the centre is known for its commitment on the issue. —Subhash Chandra Agrawal, 1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba, Chandni Chowk Delhi...
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Disinvestment in Air India is misplaced
Dear Editor, The liberalized rules for foreign investment in single brand retail, construction and power exchanges shall badly affect Indian business entrepreneurs and permitting foreign airlines to invest up to 49 per cent in disinvestment in Air India is not in the interest of nation. Indian business magnates are no way lesser than any foreign entrepreneurs. The problems for not achieving desired success in business are: our tax laws are faulty, which encourages hoarding of black money, failure to stop / minimise corruption and bureaucracy. In fact, there is no need of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) when there is enough money for investments in India itself? The foreign investors bring their money in India and create employment opportunities, but they earn sizeable profits and take ...
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Changes in Indian Passports
Dear Editor, It refers to decision of Union government for not printing last page of Indian passports primarily to save identity of single parent and adopted child. Passport used to be the most authentic identity-proof issued only after reliable police-verification, as such deleting last page altogether is not advisable. Column of parents’ names could have been avoided to be printed. Rather new-designed passports should be issued where details printed on last page (without parents’ names) may be printed on page facing the page having name of passport-holder so that photocopy in single sheet may be enough to be submitted as proof of identity-proof of passport-holder. Idea of having different (orange) coloured jacket-cover for ECR (Emigration Check Required) though seems good for easy ide...
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Welcome scheme of cow-adoption in Lucknow (UP) by civic body
Dear Editor, It refers to welcome scheme launched at Lucknow whereby desiring people can adopt a cow at Kanha Park cow-shelter run by Lucknow Municipal Body by paying rupees 15000 per year or rupees 1500 per month. Scheme will be beneficial for religious-minded people who instead of feeding cows at private cow-shelters, will now be able to do so at government-sponsored scheme to prevent any possible misuse of their money-donation at private cow-shelters. Cow-shelter at Kanha Park will also best utilize milk, dung and even urine to produce and market multiple items, which will further generate revenue to set up more cow-shelters. Government-agencies and civic bodies running cow-shelters should follow the scheme of cow-adoption and producing items from milk, dung and urine of cows. It...
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Accept post-free RTI-applications addressed to central public authorities at all about 160000 post-offices rather than just about 4500 presently
Dear Editor, Central and some state-governments have started accepting on-line RTI applications. But most of the population especially less educated ones and that too from rural areas are not internet-users. For benefit of that majority-section of public, post-free RTI applications addressed to central public-authorities should be accepted in all about 160000 post-offices in the country rather than presently in just 4500 post-offices. Even smallest post-office daily sends post-bags to head post-office with registered postal articles, cash and other revenue-items like unsold postage-stamps and postal-orders. This post-bag can carry post-free RTI applications addressed to central public-authorities. —Subhash Chandra Agrawal, 1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba, Chandni Chowk Delhi...
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Unfortunate happening in judiciary
Dear Editor, Arguments are being made that the four senior-most judges of Supreme Court after Chief Justice of India must not have bypassed conduct-code number nine of ‘Restatement of values in judicial life’ as passed unanimously by full-bench of Supreme Court on 07.05.1997, by holding an unprecedented press-conference on 12.01.2018 and instead they could have written to President of India on happenings within Supreme Court in case Chief Justice of India (CJI) was not listening to them. But such a course of action would have been unfruitful in present era of opaqueness in administrative side of Indian judicial system. Any such correspondence by Supreme Court judges would never have come out with all possibility of being dumped in files. Immediate time-bound remedial measures are now ...
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Compulsion on eatables items
Dear Editor, It refers to Bombay High Court rightly grilling Maharashtra government on theatres and multiplexes in the state making it compulsory for all those going there to buy eatables only from these places and not allowing eatables purchased from outside inside the halls. It is wrong practice to force customers purchasing eatbles and even bottled water from these places that too at exorbitant prices at times multiple times the price at which such items are sold outside these places. It is also observed that at times, special packs of commodities with maximum-retail-price (MRP) printed multiples times the normal one having caption “Exclusively packed for…”. Such anti-consumer practice should be banned through law wherein same commodity may have different MRPs. Legislation should a...
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Bar Council rules should be followed by suspending license of advocacy from those in legislature
Dear Editor, It refers to Bar Council of India (BCI) seeking views of lawyers working as legislators (Parliamentarians and MLAs) on their continuing legal-practice while being public-servants. BCI-rules clearly mention that not only public-servants but even private salaried persons are not allowed to legal practice. Supreme court of India in the year 1979 in the matter ‘Karunanidhi versus Union of India’ had made it clear that all legislators are public-servants with doctrine of master-servant or employer-employee not applicable on them. Since all other public-servants are not allowed to legal-practice, it is violation of Article (14) of the constitution to be partial in allowing legislators doing legal practice. Also advocates cannot take benefit from both sides by taking salary from p...
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Reformative measures necessary
Dear Editor, It refers to Central government stopping minting of coins because of alleged poor demand and storage-problem, meaning thereby not utilizing heavy expenses done on running mints. Undoubtedly supply position of coins now-a-days is satisfactory. But total stopping of coin-minting may again result in shortage of coins causing black-marketing of coin-bags at heavy premiums ranging from 15-20 percent. Instead of stopping coin-minting, steps should be taken to ensure availability of coin-bags of various denominations in all bank-branches (private or public-sector) including in small bank-branches so that shopkeepers may not have excuse to force unwanted items like candies and chocolates in name of non-availability of coins. Shopkeepers have made a practice to force such unwanted i...
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Incense-sticks from offered flowers at Vaishno Devi
Dear Editor, It refers to welcome scheme launched by Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board whereby flowers offered and used in decorating the shrine now will be utilized for preparing incense-sticks as a cottage-industry also by giving employment to women in nearby villages. The scheme should be implemented in Delhi and other parts of the country for even additional advantage of saving rivers from being polluted due to immersion of offered flowers in the rivers. Both Central and Delhi government should immediately take necessary measures in this regard. —Subhash Chandra Agrawal, 1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba, Chandni Chowk Delhi...
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