Friday, July 20, 2018
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Classic example of misuse of RTI Act on not getting admission at College of Art
Dear Editor, It refers to Central Information Commissioner Yashovardhan Azad being strongly critical in misuse of RTI Act bombarding College of Art (Delhi Government) with too many RTI applications because daughter of the petitioner could not be qualified for getting admission at the college. Yashovardhan Azad is amongst those Central Information Commissioners who has saved RTI Act through passing stringent strictures against those misusing the transparency Act, saving several departments of Government of Delhi from regular bombardment of RTI applications by many misusers thus resulting in huge saving of man-power and resources of concerned public-authorities. It was Yashovardhan Azad who while hearing a case against GB Pant Hospital did not mince words in passing strictures against a pe...
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Logic of postal-orders
Dear Editor, It was only after revelation through RTI application that Department of Posts discontinued postal-orders in outdated denominations like rupees 1, 2, 5 and 7 because of extremely low sale-figure and high handling cost. According to an RTI response, handling cost of a postal-order was rupees 37.45 to Department of Posts alone in the year 2011-12. Handling cost for clearing-operation of banks is even extra. It is highly illogical that public-exchequer may bear such extra-ordinary loss in handling postal-orders in denominations like rupees 10 and 20. Rather it is time that higher denominations like of rupees 100, 200 and 500 may be added to avoid purchase of demand-drafts in submitting various types of fees. It is better that government-fees below rupees 50 may either be increa...
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Tobacco companies in SC against tightening pictorial-warnings on cigarette-packs
Dear Editor, It refers to former Attorney General and senior advocate arguing in Supreme Court for tobacco-companies that any further tightening rules for pictorial warnings on packs of cigarettes and tobacco will hurt business of tobacco-companies overlooking the fact that public-health is far more important than business-income of tobacco-companies. Government spends much more on tobacco-related dieses than earned from taxes on tobacco-products. Even presently, proportion of pictorial-warning area on cigarette packs in India is lowest in the world with Brazil even having 100-percent area on both front and pack panels of cigarette-packs. In fact, pictorial-warnings however bigger or stringent are totally useless and ineffective for smokers. However Mukul Rohatgi was perfectly justified...
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Karnataka CM weeps over compulsion of alliance-politics
Dear Editor, It refers to Karnataka Chief Minister sobbing in public before TV-cameras crying about compulsion of alliance-politics making him uneasy. Is this sign of repeat of Bihar-politics when Chief Minister may retain the post by changing alliance? If HD Kumaraswamy is so much upset with his assignment, he should resign from the post for enjoying peaceful personal life. Alliance-politics is politics of black-mail, opportunism, convenience and thus corruption for which only remed y is to elect Chief Minister together with Speaker, Deputy Speaker simultaneously on secret and compulsory vote through Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) on nominations signed by at least 34-percent members of the lower House. Such elected persons may be removed by same process but with compulsion to name a...
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Central government should immediate accept welcome and practical suggestions from SC on marriages
Dear Editor, It refers to Supreme Court on 12.07.2018 asking central government to consider making it compulsory for families to disclose wedding expenditure by both sides of the families of bride and groom jointly to the marriage officer concerned. It will not only limit wasteful expenditure at times due to social bindings on marriages but also effectively check unaccounted money being spent on marriage-related functions. It will also check dowry-system and false claims made by bride-side in case of marital-disputes and divorces. Observations by Supreme Court. Even a marriage-tax of say 10-percent can be imposed in case expenses cross rupees five lakhs by one side as was suggested in a private-member bill introduced in Lok Sabha in February 2017. Also considering large-scale wastage of...
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Encourage world’s number-one game of football to make it most favourite game in India also
Dear Editor, Football-fever in the world is over with world-cup final match played at Moscow (Russia) on 15.07.2018 between France and Croatia. Football is most favourite game in the world leaving cricket much behind being placed at number-seven. India once held number-one position in Hockey too, but that also vanished with cricket monopolizing in India with cricketers earning enormously through crores of rupees given annually to individual cricketers by Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) as salary, match-money and award money apart from huge income from other sources like from advertisements. It is a matter of concern that world’s second largest populated country India with a population of more than 130 crores does not figure anywhere in world’s most favourite game of footbal...
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Concept should be spread fast
Dear Editor, Prime Minister of India and President of South Korea jointly inaugurated largest manufacturing-unit in the world for mobile phones set up by South Korean company Samsung in Noida (India) on 09.07.2018 in tune with his dream concept of ‘Make in India’ programme. Setting up of such a big unit in a big 35-acre plant with capacity to produce 120 million mobile-phones annually will be of big advantage to both the countries. It will give employment to thousands of India people directly and indirectly, increasing revenue-earning apart from saving drain of foreign currency from India. On the other hand, South Korean company facing tough global competition from Chinese company Xiaomi in manufacturing mobile-phones, may regain its number-one position globally in India with second larg...
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Congress establishes to be a single-family party
Dear Editor, It is significant to note that Congress party pioneer in giving big newspaper-advertisements on birth and death anniversaries of former Prime Ministers coming from Nehru-Gandhi family, does not do so for other former Prime Ministers coming from Congress. For example, there was no remembrance by Congress for former Prime Minister PV Narsimharao on his birth-anniversary on 28th June. Congress even deliberately never highlighted importance of its other leader Sardar Patel who if would have been crowned for his most-deserving position as first Prime Minister of India, could write a glorious trouble-free post-independence history of India. It is great of present central government that it has given due honour to Sardar Patel even though he was from Congress party. If Congress is...
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Insurance-cover for motor-vehicles
Dear Editor, It refers to welcome observation of a bench of Madras High Court that the center should amend Motor Vehicles Act to make it mandatory for every vehicle to purchase comprehensive insurance policy rather than just third-party one so tat each occupant is eligible for compensation in case of death and injury, further giving an idea for a life-time comprehensive policy at time of purchase of vehicle to avoid people forgetting renewal of insurance-policies. System will be like paying one-time road-tax abolishing cumbersome practice of paying road-tax quarterly or annually. People buying vehicles will also not mind paying extra at time of purchase of vehicles to avoid renewal of insurance-policies every year. It will be also in interest of road-users especially pedestrians where c...
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Corrective measures needed to control migrant population
Dear Editor, Delhi with a population of 26454000 in the year 2016 is presently second largest populated city in the world after Tokyo (Japan) which in the year had a population of 38140000. But big difference is that projected population of Tokyo in the year 2030 is likely to be reduced to 37190000 while Delhi may than have a much-much increased population of 36060000. Evidently such a big rise in population of Delhi cannot be by natural population-growth alone, but main factor is of migrant population rushing regularly to settle in Delhi. Central and Delhi governments should jointly look into the big population-explosion of Delhi, and must take corrective measures to prevent capital city of India becoming a living hell for its original residents. Unfortunately all political parties pat...
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Ban work from home
Dear Editor, The multinational companies working in India especially from US have spoiled peaceful living of young generation and as it allows work from home which leads to working hours suitable to them in turn one is required to work at odd hours even at night; and eating of more junk food and without appetite which is unhealthy. The office work should never be done at home. For peaceful and heathy living Office and home should be two poles apart. The office work culture and atmosphere are always missing if one is working from home. Even for small business–get an office accommodation near the house either owned or rented-as per finances available. The real danger is one can never have job satisfaction which is a must for the success at job and for peaceful and healthy living when wo...
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