Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Tillerson gone, Trump unleashed
By Gwynne Dyer
The net effect of all this 'turmoil' in the White House, unsurprisingly, has been to remove most of the people whose ideas, values, or experience and knowledge of the world led them to disagree with Trump's obsessions, his policies, or just his whims of the moment. What's left, for the most part, are the yes-men and women.Rex Tillerson did not suffer fools gladly. He called Donald Trump a "moron" in a private conversation after one meeting at the Pentagon, and did not take the opportunity to deny it when a journalist asked him in public. In meetings with the president, he would "roll his eyes and slouch" whenever Trump said something he thought was particularly stupid. It's amazing that he lasted as long as he did. He wasn't a very good Secretary of State either. He gutted the S...
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You're just a person..!
By Robert Clements
So many of us go through life taking on responsibilities in which we are looked upon as super moms, or super dads, or super human beings. Here's a lovely incident by Hanoch McCarty for such as you. 'A recently divorced man with full custody of his children, I was determined to give them as normal and stable a home life as possible I put on a happy face for them. I kept their activities as close to how they had always been as I could. This nightly ritual was just as it had always been with the exception that their mother was now missing. I had done it again; another night successfully concluded. I had risen slowly, gingerly, trying to avoid making even the least sound which might start them up again, asking or more songs and more stories. I tiptoed out of their room, closed the door part...
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G-20 fight against jobless growth yet to start
By K R Sudhaman
Group of 20, G-20 as it is called, has certainly ensured that the 2008 global financial crisis, which triggered an unprecedented global recession, did not get converted into a great depression like that of 1930s. In fact it goes to the credit of G-20, in which India and some emerging economies got into global high table, that a major economic catastrophe was averted. G 20 was largely responsible for successfully dealing with and containing recession which otherwise was more serious and complex than that of the 1930s. But during the one decade of its existence, G20 has failed to tackle what has now come to be known as jobless growth faced by most countries, be it industrialized nations or emerging economies. Now global growth is picking up, so also country's growth in several industria...
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I've been there too..!
By Robert Clements
The man was crying! "What happened?" I asked. "I can't take it anymore Bob, looks like I've really run out of luck! I started this new business, put all my money into it, worked hard, and now I don't have a pie! The credit card company calls me up everyday! My suppliers threaten me, the banks have taken back my car and I'm afraid to look at my family, in case they think I am a failure! I'm a failure!" "No, you're not!" I said. "What do you know Bob?" he cried. "I've been there too!" I said quietly, "I know what it's like to hit rock bottom!" The man looked at me, "You?" He asked incredulously. "Yes," I said, "I've been worse than what you've been through and I've cried like you!" "You?" he asked again and it was he that put an arm around me, "so you know what it is?" "And I know yo...
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BJP faces tricky situation with allies
Tremors in NDA camp can alter 2019 results
By Kalyani Shankar
Now that the Telugu Desam Party has pulled out its ministers from the Modi cabinet for not protecting the interests of Andhra Pradesh, what happens to the BJP's ambition of conquering the southern states? The BJP chief Amit Shah said after winning the three northeastern states recently, "Till the (BJP) governments are formed in Odisha, West Bengal and Kerala, till the time we win Karnataka, the golden period is yet to come." No doubt Andhra Pradesh was the only state where the party was ruling as a coalition partner in the south although it has been making efforts to penetrate the other southern states. Karnataka was the first gateway for the BJP in 2008 when it formed its first government in the south but it frittered away the goodwill. The 2014 gains were largely attributed to Modi wave...
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Loud Noises from Jails..!
By Robert Clements
Residents living near Arthur Road jail in Mumbai, and other jails throughout the country are sick and tired of raised voices now creating a huge din from inside jails all over. “It’s louder than fire crackers!” exclaimed one resident, talking to a newspaper reporter, “It’s like all those thousands of criminals interred inside are talking at one time!” “Yes!” said the warden of the jail, “All this noise started after the arrest of Chidambaram’s son!” “Why should the arrest of a former minister’s son spark of so much talking?” asked the surprised reporter. “Remember,” said the warden wearily, “he was arrested based on the testimony of a convicted murderer, a woman who allegedly killed her own daughter, tried to kill her son, buried that same daughter after burning her, and is supposed to...
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The great bank robbery!
By T J S George
The funny thing about the banking fraud that is rocking the country is that no one is accountable for it. The Finance Minister remained silent at first and then blamed the supervisory agencies-as though he was but an onlooker. His Cabinet colleague, the ever-unconvincing Ravishankar Prasad, blamed the Congress for the mess. He was no doubt seeing Indira Gandhi's bank nationalisation as the reason for the mess. Being a fair man, he didn't blame the Italian grain merchants who invented banking in the Middle Ages. The problem with the Ravishankar Prasad brand of rodomontade is the self-conviction that they convince others. It is nobody's case that there was no corruption before his party's rise to power. Unforgettable scams marked the governments of all Congress Prime Ministers from Indira ...
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Not knowing what to eat..!
By Robert Clements
With this government intent on converting everybody into vegetarians, my neighbour a diehard non- vegetarian decided he would become a veggie. “One might as well get used to something before it takes you by total surprise,” he said as he looked up a mango tree, “I have told my cook to cook those leaves for lunch!” “That’s a mango tree,” I said, “You eat the fruit and not the leaves.” “You can’t put those leaves into a curry?” “Only raw mangoes,” I said, “you eat the ripe ones raw and cook the raw ones!” “This is very confusing,” said my neighbour as he scratched his head and stared at the ripe mangoes on the tree. “What happens if I eat the leaves?” “I don’t know,” I said. “What happens if I ate the raw mangoes raw and put the ripe mangoes into a curry?” “No idea,” I said helplessl...
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Sum of unaddressed social cleavages
By Dr Vivek Kumar Srivastava
As the vandalisation of the statues of the Great Indian leaders continue the integration of the soul of India is under threat. PM has strongly condemned and warned against such low acts and all true Indians fail to understand why is this happening?. This is really un understandable that Indian society has still not learnt to respect its leaders; whatsoever be their ideology or thoughts but they all fought for the freedom of India and contributed in the liberation of country from foreign yoke and in establishing a free Indian modern state. The vandalisation of statues though reveals the other hidden aspect of Indian society where political polarization is acute and integration is at loss. From Periyar to Ambedkar to Subhash Chandra statutes have been dishonoured. The show is rare in a dem...
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We Are Mobile..!
By Robert Clements
My brother in law who's visiting India after quite some years was amazed at the change in the country, "It's like a revolution's taken place," he said, shaking his head in admiration. "The roads, bridges and flyovers? Or the buildings and airport?" "The mobile!" he said simply, "you chaps have really started using the cell phone in innovative ways, and I swear Bob I've seen some guys carrying two, even three phones like a necklace round their necks!" "Yes," I said proudly, "India's gone mobile!" "I was at the market the other day," he said, "helping my wife with some shopping, "when I saw this real poor woman begging, holding a little baby in her lap, "I was reaching for my wallet, when I heard a phone ring!" "Yours?" I asked. "Hers!" he said, "she didn't look up at the money I'd ta...
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Varsity & politics
By A.G. Noorani
IF not a wreck, the university is in a shambles in India. Legal compulsions facilitate intrusion of politics. A college can be set up by a registered society. A university can be set up only by law. It alone can confer on it a legal personality. Legislators rob it of autonomy. The head of state, the president or governor, is chancellor. He appoints the vice-chancellor mostly on the government's advice. The University of Mumbai, once the finest in India, saw the removal of its vice-chancellor - for good reasons. The governor is removable at the whim of the centre. The president's prestige, none too high, suffered gravely when President Ram Nath Kovind reversed his own decision on the appointment of a central university's vice-chancellor at the behest of the central government. He had asse...
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Another Australia..!
By Robert Clements
British physicist and mathematician Stephen Hawking said the human race should consider relocating to other parts of the cosmos to survive. I cannot agree with him more, and feel in India we should follow what the English did a few centuries ago when they started relocating to Australia: First they sent their criminals. We should do the same. As soon as a culprit's been convicted he should be put on a space ship and sent to Mars, Venus or Jupiter or even the moon; whichever planet India has taken over. As Mr Hawking rightly said this is the only way society can survive, especially Indian society, for if there is delay in sending the fellow off into space, and instead allow him to languish in jail, he will come out a hero in the eyes of our people and land with a seat in Parliament! M...
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"Costless" Fatherhood And CFSWs' Children
By Harasankar Adhikari
'Prostitutes are socials isolated and their life is stigmatized. They have no relative, no society and no friend in this universe. In the brothel, the male-female relationship is not a marital, but both of them live together as husband-wife. Sometimes, they quarrel with each other. There are mothers who control the family, but the fathers are not identifiable'. 'Fatherhood' is a status attained by having a child and it is irrevocable. The term, fatherhood in contemporary research is used interchangeably with the kins fathering- childbearing roles, activities, duties and responsibilities that fathers are expected to perform and fulfill regardless of whether they carry out by biological or non-biological fathers. Therefore, fatherhood is primarily nothing but responsibility and oblig...
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Marriage And Patriarchy
By Faiza Nasir
"It won't be wrong to say that a woman in Indian society is homeless due to the patriarchal structure of the institution of marriage. The practise of 'giving away of bride' or bidai has become such an inherent part of our marriages that even the harbingers of liberalism and women empowerment fail to question it." It was while discussing ways to thwart my parent's plans of getting me married that one of my friend said, "Doesn't saying yes to marriage equate saying yes to patriarchy? I mean how different are the two?" The more we delved into the question, the more we found the two similar. But it would be wrong not to contextualise the problem. Let us talk about marriage in South Asia in general and India in particular. The marriages in our society are deeply rooted in patriarchy and ...
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