Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Nehru a visionary
A democrat, not a dictator
By Brij Bhardwaj
Why BJP is so keen to target first Prime Minister of India Jawahar Lal Nehru who chose to be a democrat when he could have been a dictator. I am mentioning this because big daddies of the non-aligned movement became dictators after having started as popular leaders. This according to me was the real cause of decline of non-aligned movement as an anchor of foreign policy which implied maintaining equidistance from two blocks into which the world was divided that were led by Soviet Russia and USA. The situation has changed today as we wait for every positive signal from USA or a reminder to Pakistan that it would have to do more to keep on getting U.S dollars against the terrorists living around Pak-Afghan border to keep on getting U.S. dollars. India overlooks the fact that U.S ...
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Cheating Ourselves..!
By Robert Clements
Whenever I travel abroad, people tell me what cheats we Indians are! And I remember the baniya shopkeeper who had a small shop, downstairs in one of the galas of our housing society sat behind an old wooden counter in the same place and in the same way he had been sitting for the last fifteen years, since he had opened his shop. 'Ha, ha, ha, ha,' he laughed and shook my hand heartily, 'you are asking me how I am still making money, well I will show you.' I watched as a customer came into the shop and asked for five kilos of sugar. The owner weighed the sugar carefully on the scales, even added a little more, packed the sugar and took the money. 'Fifteen rupees profit,' said the shopkeeper proudly. 'Fifteen rupees?' I asked, 'how can that be, you can't make fifteen rupees on five kilo...
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India now an established ally of America
Quad is a US-centric concept to promote Trump
By Arun Srivastava
The Trump mission to Asia underlines the deep difficulties in sustaining the present order in the continent. It is the American compulsion to re-establish its hegemony that has made Trump embark on mission Asia. In recent times, two of its challengers, Russia and China, have considerably eroded the traditional hegemony of America. There is no more ambiguity: India has finally agreed to act as an ally of the US by joining the new regional coalition 'Quad', an abbreviation for ''quadruple' or four. The other members of the Quad are Japan, America and Australia. India's stand towards Quad could be deciphered from the remarks of Prime Minister Narendra Modi which he made just before leaving for Manila: "India's commitment towards deepening engagement with ASEAN and India-Pacific region." ...
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The Middle East: Not enough wars yet
By Gwynne Dyer
"When all the Arabs and the Israelis agree on one thing, people should pay attention. We should stop this Iranian takeover," said Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu last month. So we're paying attention now, and we even know where the next war will start: Lebanon. That seems unfair, as Lebanon's last civil war lasted fifteen years, killed around 200,000 people (out of a population of only 4 million), and only ended in 1990. Couldn't they hold this one somewhere else? Unfortunately, no. All the other venues are taken. Iraq is still fully booked. The fight against ISIS is almost over, but the struggle between the Arabs and the Kurds has only just got started again. It never really stops for long. Bashar al-Assad's forces, the Russians, and Shia volunteers from Iran and Lebanon ar...
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He fell and found a name..!
By Robert Clements
He fell! The pavement had been unkind to him, he hadn’t seen the sharp stone sticking out, uneven, arrogant, catching his worn out, treadles soles and throwing him forward with a lurch. He lay quietly on the ground, waiting for arms he knew would come to help him up, but there were none. He thought of friends, men and women who would have rushed gladly to lift him up from cruel, callous ground, but knew they were not there anymore; they’d also fallen, into deeper pits called graves or had been laid on cremation fire that had smoked their souls away. He lay on the ground and looked sideways at the road; he saw people glancing at him, “Hey,” he tried to shout, “Pick me up, will you!” But no sound came from him, and the people seeing his lips move looked at each other and shook their heads...
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Border confrontation once again
By Kuldip Nayar
Tibet is like India's Kashmir which too has raised the standard of independence. There is, however, one difference: the Dalai Lama is willing to accept an autonomous state within China. Kashmir wants independence for the Valley. China does it again. It helps a well-known terrorist to escape the punishment. Azar Masood, a first rank terrorist, was sought to be banned by the UN. Beijing used its veto so that he stays free. This time it was not a casual move but a deliberate act on the part of Beijing. The 1962 attack by China on India when Beijing pulverised the Indian troops in Aksai Chin looked only a probe to register its presence. But it turned out to be a full-fledged attack. In the same way, Chinese troops would appear here and there without occupying the territory. Full marks to ...
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Article 370 and Autonomy
Targeting Chidambaram a political ploy
By Badri Raina
So what has Chidambaram said that is so new or offensive? In saying that most Kashmiris who speak of Azaadi are, in his estimation, seeking greater autonomy for the State, Chidambaram has only voiced a common enough perception-one that has been expressed by sundry commentators scores of times during the recent past. And, further, in expressing his support for exploring such autonomy as was promised to the State during the Constitution-making years, he has only lent support to what "mainstream" political formations in the State have often reiterated as being a minimal condition for obtaining a lasting political modus vivendi between the State and the Union. The question must be asked as to why such a course that will leave the Accession of the State to the Republic of India in place whil...
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Keeping the hugger at bay..!
By Robert Clements
Last Sunday Washington wore a worried frown, as foreign officials of the mightiest country in the world, met security personal, and senators met congressmen, "He's coming!" they all whispered. "Who?" asked a new intern in Trump's team innocently, "Who's coming?" "The Hugger!" whispered a senior colleague, "Now be quiet, let's listen how they're going to deal with the hugger!" They entered the room of very worried officials, "We were caught unawares!" said a secret service agent, "We did not expect him to hug the president the last time he was here!" "Is it an Indian tradition?" asked a Republican senator. "No sir, they frown at hugging down there, even have the police arresting anyone who hugs in public!" "Then why come and hug here?" asked a visibly annoyed senator. There was silen...
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Wave of intolerance
The Trump phenomenon has spread. Europe is not the sole victim of the contagion.
By A.G. Noorani
THE waves of intolerance and Islamophobia that have swept Europe were not launched by President Trump, but there can be no denying the fact that the rhetoric he deployed during his election campaign and the programmes he launched since assuming the presidency has given them strength and direction. Earlier this year, the media reported that the existing US programme, 'Countering Violent Extremism', would be changed to 'Countering Islamic/Radical Islamic Extremism'. In contrast, last December, President Putin said, "I would prefer Islam not be mentioned in vain alongside terrorism," and criticised terrorists who "cynically exploit religious feelings for political aims". At the opening of a mosque in Moscow he said that in the Middle East "terrorists from the so-called Islamic State are c...
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Nature's Drama..!
By Robert Clements
The greatest dramatist in our city is not William Shakespeare….. but the monsoons. The drama that is created by the onset of the monsoons is spectacular beyond any kind of scene ever seen on stage at any time, ever rolling, hiding some frantic, frenzied activity behind its stubborn exterior. And suddenly the curtain call…… as though a giant drum, marshalling some gigantic army to battle. The whole earth shakes with the awesome sound of an imperial pronouncement. The curtains open and a dazzling white streak, zig-zags its way across the boundless sky. The sound echoes a hundred miles away, nay a thousand as the lightning dazzles other parts of a limitless space, and as though on cue the wind in all its fury, venom's its way across a subservient earth. No mortal stands against that windy ...
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Code On Wage Bill 2017- A Proposed Legislation Violating The Rights Of The Workers
By Peoples Union for Democratic Rights
People's Union for Democratic Rights has long been drawing attention to egregious violation of rights of workers governed under various labour laws. Most important of these rights is the fundamental right to form trade union, so as to engage in collective wage negotiations and to ensure that conditions on shop floor do not become tyrannical. Ever since the economic reforms began in India in 1991, attempts have been afoot to whittle down the rights of the workers. These efforts received a boost when the Second National Commission on Labour (SNCL) chaired by a socialist and veteran trade unionist Ravindra Verma submitted its report in June 2002. It is significant to note that majority of central trade unions had boycotted the SNCL because of its truncated terms of reference which spoke of ...
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Decoding the great demonetization puzzle
No escape from adverse effect on economy
By Nilanjan Banik
November 8 marked the one-year anniversary of the great Indian demonetization move. India's demonetization move should not be looked in isolation. One can find instances of demonetization elsewhere as well. In October 2014, Singapore got rid of its1000 dollar note; in 2011 Canada stopped issuing 1000 dollar notes, and in 2013 Sweden did the same with the1000-Krona note, all as a way to stop financial crimes. Economists Larry Summers and Kenneth Rogoff also suggested doing away with high denomination 100 dollar notes to prevent money laundering and tax evasion. However, in India, economists were widely divided over the efficiency and the impact of the move on the black money, which is variously estimated at 23 percent to 75 percent of India's GDP. Unlike most of the developed economies, ...
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The police, government and Airline storyteller..!
By Robert Clements
With the acquittal of the Talwars, new findings in the murder of the murdered Delhi schoolboy, and the astounding reply given by the airlines after their employees mercilessly bashed up a passenger, I’ve firmly come to believe we have a master fiction writer in our country who writes tales stranger than fiction! “That’s his house!” said a local to me, “And that room right on top is where he writes his stories!” I climbed up the steps of the fiction writer’s fancy home and waited in his living room. I didn’t have long to wait, as the storyteller greeted me with folded hands, “Welcome!” he said, “I’m just doing a piece on Nov 8th being Anti-Black Money Day: Bit of a difficult piece though!” “Who hires you?” I asked curtly. “Mostly government, quite often the police!” he said, “But they a...
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