FIR lodged in leapord killing case

ESS AHMAD. Dated: 4/4/2020 1:10:48 AM

ANANTNAG, Apr 3: Police has lodged an FIR regarding villagers in Khod Hanjipora v of southern Kulgam district beating to death a leopard and later peeled off its skin. The pictures and videos of the animal being fleeced by the people went viral on social media prompting the wild life authorities to register an FIR against the unknown people.
The animal had strayed into the village from a nearby forest on Thursday afternoon injuring atleast seven villagers.
After attacking the villagers, the animal kept roaming in the village causing panic among the people. Local sources said the villagers informed the wildlife officials who failed to turnup.
Fearing more attacks on population, scores of villagers came out of their houses to hunt and kill the animal. The villagers, a local said, attacked the animal with rods and axes causing its death.
After killing the animal, some people who were part of the hunting crowd, a local said, later peeled off its skin with shard edged weapons. Some people captured the brutality done on the dead leopard in their camera phones and circulated the same on social media sites later.
A local said that the failure of the wild life officials to turn up at the village immediately after being informed led to the killing of the animal. "By the time wildlife staffers reached the village leopard had been done to death and peeled off," a local told Kashmir Times.
Had they reached well in time, he said, they could have captured the animal alive.
He, however, said that fleecing the animal after killing it is totally insane.
The pictures of the animal being peeled off by the villagers started making rounds on social media since morning, prompting the wild life authorities to lodge and FIR against the unidentified persons.
Wildlife warden for twin southern districts, Anantnag and Kulgam, Rouf Ahmad said that killing the animal in self defence was justified to some extent but later peeling off the skin of the same is insane.
"We have registered an FIR against the unidentified persons under sections 9, 39 and 50 for hunting the animal and peeling off its skin for the purpose of trade. A video of the incident has also been handedover to the police for identification of those involved. Once they are identified further action will follow," Wild life warden told Kashmir Times.
Asked why the wildlife officials had failed to reach the spot soon after the animal had attacked some villagers, the officer said, " The area where the animal was killed does not fall in the wild life protected zone."



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