Religious Places should be reopened Karnatka CM said

Kashmir Times. Dated: 5/29/2020 12:53:22 AM

Dear Editor,
Karnataka is likely to allow religious places like Temple, Mosques, Churches, and other religious institutions which have been shut for the last two months because of the fourth phase of the Covid-19 lockdown, to reopen in the state after May 31, Karnatka CM BS Yediyurappa said on 26 May. It is well-move step that I gree with. Because praying is also necessary to fight against Covid-19. But now the ball in PM's court. As CM Yodiyurappa added that they will wail for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's dicision over its re-opening.
However, if we get permission, places of worship can open by June 31. So my personal opinion is that temples systematically should be reopen only for the time of prayer, with full precaution and maintaining social distancing, wearing masks and hygiene in mind. And also religious fairs and functions totally should be banned. Nobody should be allowed to violate the guidelines set bt the state or centre government. --Belal Shafiq Qasmi



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