Cheap politics can't help Centre wash its hand

Kashmir Times. Dated: 5/29/2020 12:53:49 AM

Dear Editor,
Misleading of Centre has rattled the stranded people. The sudden countywide lockdown, which was imposed by Prime Minister Modi on March 24, without proper preparation, has brought about many difficulties, and pushed migrants into sever events, in which they are victims. Eventually, Centre allowed stranded people to return homes after a month and a half since the lockdown was imposed in India, but some political leaders took it as a golden opportunity to play political games with certain states led by opposition parties. Before some days the Centre has played its political games with West Bengal government over the issue of Shramik Special trains for migrants. Now the Maharashtra government is being aimed by it over the same issue. The railway ministry has provided the Maharashtra government a long list of trains for departure on a single day, without consulting with both departure and arrival states' authorities. While it was reasonably impossible within a day. It seems the Centre wants to portray that they want to provide trains but the Maharashtra government does not have the administrative strength to send migrant labourers, so that it can cover its own failure.
--Ibne Giasuddin Kurla Mumbai



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