Active Covid-19 cases dip for first time

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 5/30/2020 11:20:57 PM

NEW DELHI, May 30: The active COVID-19 cases in India's hospitals for the first time on Saturday dipped from previous day's 89,987 to 86,422 because of a record number of 11,263 cured and discharged and that too on a day of the highest ever 7964 tested confirmed positive as against 7460 found infected in the tests carried out throughout the country.
The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the apex government research body, is ramping up the tests every day with as many as 1,29,761 screened in the past 24 hours for the dreaded virus to top up the total tests carried out since March to 36.16 lakh.
The recovery rate in a day jumped to 47.39% of the total confirmed cases from 42.75% on Friday. It is now 2.2% of the total 36.16 lakh screened so far.
The Health Ministry also recorded 264 deaths in the past 24 hours, raising the death toll to 4970, which is still much low compared to many other advanced countries with better health network.
Maharashtra tops in terms of 62,228 tested positive, 2098 deaths and 26,997 recoveries while it also has the highest 33,133 patients under treatment. Tamil Nadu has the second highest 20,246 diagnosed as confirmed positives and 154 deaths, but 11,313 were cured and so thosse left in the hospitals are 8,779. In Delhi, 398 have died due to COVID-19 while those tested positive in tests are 17,386, though 7846 have recovered, leaving 9142 in hospitals. Delhi government is now pushing for home isolation of those with mild symptoms to keep available the hospital beds for critical cases and it has also taken over five 5-star hotels and converted them into the emergency hospitals to be available in case of spurt of the disease.
West Bengal has recorded 302 deaths out of 4813 tested positive while only 2842 are still in hospitals after the discharge of 1775. Uttar Pradesh death toll is 198 out of 7284 detected positive and 2842 are still in hospital after discharge of 4244 so far. Gujarat, which had the third highest 15,934 tested positive, recorded the second highest deaths of 398 and 6343 of its patients are still in hospitals after the discharge of 8611.
In Rajasthan that saw 184 deaths, 2937 are still under treatment in hospitals while 5244 out of 8365 recovered and discharges. Madhya Pradesh has recorded 334 deaths out of 7645 tested positive while 3042 are still in hospitals and 4269 discharged. In Jammu and Kashmir, 2164 were tested, 28 of whom succumbed to death and 875 recovered, leaving 1261 in hospitals at the last count.



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