US Cricket Hall Of Fame recommends Dave Cameron for ICC top post

BIPIN DANI. Dated: 6/25/2020 12:33:22 AM

The US Cricket Hall Of Fame has recommended to ICC that Hall of Famer and former chairman of the Cricket West Indies (CWI) Dave Cameron be considered for the position of Chairman.
Speaking exclusively over telephone from the USA, Mike Chambers, the Executive Director 0f the Cricket Hall of Fame, said, "The Hall since 1981 has been observing International Cricket, special attention has been paid to West Indian Cricket. Our emphasis is however on the growth and development of cricket in the USA".
"The growth and development of cricket worldwide has been stagnant, going nowhere. The top five countries have all enjoyed the economic benefits. We have a chance to correct this inequality. I know there is a strain at the CWI camp. Only the strong survive".
"I am hoping that CWI can see the benefits of nominating Dave Cameron for this position. With the hope that India, Pakistan, or England would second the nomination".
"The time is now, since 1997 we have not had any representation nor equal sharing of the wealth at ICC. If England is in charge we will continue to receive loans, India will continue to give us grants only if Dave Cameron is in charge will the bottom ten receive their just share", Chambers added.
"Cricket in the USA is struggling. The US market has a potential to generate half a billion dollars each year. With Dave at the helm I believe this can be accomplished", he signed off.
Officials of the CWI board were non-committal on their nomination.



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