Killers of BJP leader, family members identified: IGP

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 7/10/2020 1:29:07 AM

SRINAGAR, July 9: Inspector General of Police, Vijay Kumar, today said that two militants involved in the killing of BJP leader Sheikh Wasim Bari, his father and brother in an  attack in Bandipora yesterday, have been identified.
Vijay Kumar visited Bandipora this  morning,
Accompanied by officers from army and CRPF, this was the first visit of any high ranking police official to the area, to assess the situation arising out of the bloody attack, which has left security agencies red faced.
While addressing the media, Vijay Kumar disclosed that the two militants involved in the attack have been identified and they will be neutralised soon adding that they are associated with Lashkar-e-Toiba.
He said, "This was a well-planned attack and the militants had done recce of the spot, several times before carrying out the attack.”
He said that since the site where the attack took place is situated right next to the police station, the attack has very well been recorded through the CCTV cameras installed in the police station.
He said, “At the time of attack, the victims were outside their house, while the guards were inside their room, leaving a the field free for killers to attack them” .
One of the assailants shot them from a point blank range with a pistol in their head at a point-blank range, while the other was providing the attacker a cover, he said.
"All the three victims were killed on the spot", he said.
“The CCTV footage has helped us to identify the attackers, among which one is a Pakistani national and the other is a local namely Aabid”, he said.
“We are on their tail and sooner or later they will fall in our net”, he added.
When asked about the huge security lapse that led to a successful attack by the militants in which a high profile political worker was murdered, Vijay Kumar said, “It is a huge security lapse on the part of security personnel, who have failed to protect Sheikh and his family.”
“A total number of ten guards were deputed for his security and at the time of the attack, there was a full section of eight police personnel on the duty, but unfortunately, they failed to save Sheikh”, he said.
“It is not the number, but the guts and bravery, which are required to fight the attackers,” he said adding that if instead of ten, there were only two brave guards, they would have not only foiled the attack on Sheikh, but would have also eliminated the attackers.
“Action has been taken against all the ten guards and they have been arrested after putting them under suspension and they will be terminated from the service’, he said.



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