Over-sensitivity of Arogya Setu App creates unnecessary panic

Kashmir Times. Dated: 7/18/2020 12:49:00 AM

Dear Editor
My self and my wife, both aged about 70 years, have not gone out from our home in Old Delhi ever since Janta Curfew was imposed on 22.03.2020 in the country before imposition of lockdown. We are assisted by neighbours in getting us milk and vegetables without coming in contact with anyone. But suddenly Arogya Setu on our mobile-numbers of both (9810033711 and 9810080011) in evening of 12.07.2020 (Sunday) depicted orange line with high risk mentioning that we both have been in contact with some corona-affected person. Further data reveals that we came in contact with corona-affected just after midnight at 00.02 hours for long 443 minutes when we were fast asleep and house was locked from inside. But from morning till afternoon of 12.07.2020, our mobile-phones depicted green-line mentioning that we were safe. If satellite caught some passer-by in the street as corona-affected, then orange line should be depicted in the morning itself.
With all possible precautions taken, such depicting of orange-line mentioning high risk has created big panic in both of us which will not be removed till our mobile -hones depict green line showing ourselves completely safe. Arogya Setu should be further improved so that mobile-number of the corona-affected person appears on Arogya Setu of contacted person. Furthermore duration of showing orange or yellow line should be reduced to 24 hours in case corona-affected person might have not been in constant contact of other persons. Undoubtedly Arogya Setu is a very important App but over-sensitivity should be checked to effectively avoid unnecessary panic amongst users who might not be in contact with corona-affected persons.
--Subash Chandra
1775 Kucha Lattushah
DELHI 110006 (India)



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