Morality is the best thing

Kashmir Times. Dated: 7/18/2020 12:49:08 AM

Dear Editor,
Morality is like backbone for everyone whether they relative to Hindu religion or Muslim religion. Morality is shared chapter of all religion of the world in which not disagreement of anyone. Morality is sign which separates humanity from beastliness. The nation who have good attributes and character keep their ability and existence forever and it called Highest nation in the sight of the world. It is morality which takes society to good and inhibits from evil and by this a nation is built in well structure. Society which is empty from morality and good attributes and character can't never ever develop in the world. And Society which is full of good morality, best attitudes and characters will be successful and its existence will be remain for always all around the world and. It is morality which makes brotherhood between two different religious people and makes Collective tolerance, Equality. Faith and morality in Islam are the same. He is called a true Muslim in Islam who has morality, good attributes and character. A Muslim is known through the morality if its not then not a Muslim. So morality is the best for every religion. Every religion people must adopt it and bring it in their lives so that a good nation can be built.
--MD shahabuddin Jharkhand



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