Govt putting millions of lives in danger: Cong

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 8/4/2020 10:37:51 AM

NEW DELHI, Aug 3: The Congress on Monday asked the government to better take of the situation of Covid-19 spread rather than repeatedly saying India doing better than other countries. Citing India crossing 18-lakh mark in the coronavirus cases, it said the government's denial is constantly putting millions of lives in danger.
On Prime Minister Modi's contention that "right decisions at right time means India is better off than other countries," former Congress President Rahul asks him to better see that India is among top 10 countries with the highest number of coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours -- 52,972 which surpasses the United States' 47,511.
In another tweet, the Congress says higher testing can lead to better preparedness in controlling Covid. "Sadly BJP is still not understanding its importance. It pointed out that the tests per million population in the Congress states are much better than the BJP-ruled states. It is 27,619,7 per million in Puducherry, 20,112 in Rajasthan, 19,839,6 in Punjab and 11,269 in Chhattisgarh while no match in the BJP-ruled states: 10,751.3 per million in UP, 9531 in Madhya Pradesh and 4825.9 in JD(U)-BJP government in Bihar.
In a taunt, Congress chief spokesman Randeep Singh Surjewala tweeted that "there are 18 lakh Corona cases, 53,000 daily infections, 38,000 deaths, public health failing, CMs admitted in private hospitals, union ministers in Pvt hospitals, but where is Modi Govt? Have left India to be 'Atamnirbhar' (self-dependent)."
On Bihar devastated by flood, Congress asked: "The JDU-BJP govt in Bihar is constantly failing the people. Almost 50 lakh people have been affected amidst this pandemic. Is this what you call governance?"
It tweeted: "An absolute collapse of healthcare infrastructure in Bihar! The crippled healthcare system has put millions of people at risk." No doctor visit in 10 days, Covid patient protests in the hospital. Is this how BJP will fight this pandemic," the Congress asked, showing patients lying on the floor in the corridors of a hospital.



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