8.04% found infected in over 9 crore tests

Kashmir Times. Dated: 10/15/2020 10:44:09 AM

NEW DELHI, Oct 14: India on Wednesday crossed the 9-crore mark in the Coronavirus tests, but only 8.04% of them were found infected with the positive symptoms which aggregate to 72.39 lakh infections, 63.02 lakh of whom have already recovered while 8.27 lakh are still in hospitals. Compared to India's population of 138.39 crore population, those tested are still negligible at just 6.5%.
Those taking the tests accounted for 64,273 per one million population while total cases per million accounted for 5230 and 80 deaths per million, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). In terms of total Coronavirus cases, India is still 8.53 lakh below the highest tally of the United States at 80.90 lakh.
At 63.02 lakh recoveries in India, it is the highest in the world as it is still 52.23 lakh in the United State which is the worst hit by the deadly virus.
A low of 63,509 new cases were detected in the past 24 hours as against 74,632 discharged from the hospitals and the hospital load going down by another 11,853. There were 730 deaths since Tuesday morning, raising the cumulative death toll to 1,10,586. Those tested in 24 hours totalled 11.45 lakh.
The death rate is 1.53% of the total infections while the recovery improved to 86.78% and the case load in the hospitals stood at 11.69%.
After many months, the daily deaths in Maharashtra dropped to 165 on Tuesday while Karnataka recorded 70 deaths in 24 hours, Tamil Nadu 62, West Bengal 60, Uttar Pradesh 44 and Delhi 40. There are still 2,12,905 Covid-19 patients in the hospitals in Maharashtra as against 12.82 lakh recoveries in the state. Maharashtra has the highest death toll of 40,514, followed by Karnataka 10,036, Tamil Nadu 10,314, Uttar Pradesh 6,438, West Bengal 5,682 and Delhi 5,809.
The worldwide death toll rose to 10.91 lakh on Wednesday as against 3.84 crore infected, 2.88 crore of whom have recovered, leaving 84.24 lakh still in the hospitals, nearly 70,000 of them in serious or critical condition.



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