Rahul: It's not farmers' fight but fight of all Indians

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 1/21/2021 12:04:03 AM

NEW DELHI, Jan 19: The Congress on Tuesday came out with a 20-page booklet, entitled "Kheti ka Khun -- Teen kale kanun" (Murder of agriculture with 3 black laws), and former Congress President Rahul Gandhi who released it along with other party leaders at the AICC headquarters asked people not to be mistaken that it is the fight by the farmers sitting on Delhi's border, but a fight of all Indians, the entire nation.
"If agriculture is finished, the poor will not be able to get cheaper food grains from the ration shops. The budget of middle class and Aam Aadmi (common man) will be hit because an item worth Rs 50 will be sold in Rs 100 or Rs 150. Therefore, this is a fight of every citizen of the country," he said while releasing the broad-sized booklet at a Press conference at the AICC headquarters here.
Rahul said the people should understand that the farmers spending weeks at Delhi borders under severe winter not to protect own interests, "but to protect you and your food."
He said the farmers are staging a "dharna" for the past 55 days and more than 70 of them have died, but the Modi government is playing the game of "meeting, meeting" with no solution since it is adamant to implement the three anti-agriculture farm laws. It is misleading the farmers by telling them to talk to the government to tire them out.
Explaining why the government brought these laws, Rahul said Modi's declared slogan is "to sell out everything." That is how his government has sold airports, railway stations, sea ports, trains and 23 government companies to the private hands and it is also preparing to gift away 46 other government companies to friends, he said.
He said the three farm laws are also part of that game to sell around 25 lakh crore agricultural trade to three, four industrialists. He also listed how PM Modi started inflicting attacks on farmers and labourers since coming to power six years ago:
-- Stopped bonus over and above MSP as soon as coming to power;
-- Withdrew the law of compensation at market rate for land acquisition;
-- Violated promise of giving farmers cosst + 50% profit for crops;
-- Refused loan waiver to the farmers;
-- For the first time agriculture taxed by levying GST on pesticides (18%), fertilisers (5%), tractor and agri equipment (12%); and
-- Looted Rs 19 lakh crore by increasing excise duty by 820% on diesel and 258% on petrol in the past six year.
Rahul said the three anti-agriculture laws are also part of that game PM Modi is playing with impunity. He said: "The last bastion that was protected by monopoly is being overrun. Three new laws will destroy Indian agriculture, by destroying mandis, by destroying essential commodities act & by making sure that no Indian farmer can go to court."
He said every farmer of India knows who is Rahul Gandhi and what he does. The farmer knows who stood with the farmers in Bhatta Parsol to defeat the government's bid to acquire their land. "I shall always stand against the injustice and that is my religion," he stressed.
Rahul said India's farmer is more intelligent than the Prime Minister as he knows what is happening and what is not happening. This is the truth and only solution lies in repeal of the three black laws, he said, adding that the farmers could be neither tired nor fooled.
He said there was a foolproof system to protect the people, including the Mandis (wholesale foodgrain markets), essential commodities act and a legal system. The three farm laws will bring India back to the pre-Independence days, he affirmed.
If the people look at what has happened in six years, they will find the monopoly of only four-five persons, be it airport, telecom or any other industry and the government wants to give them also the monopoly over the agriculture.
"This is what I want to tell youngsters, realise your independence is being taken away, realise this happened before and we fought this and everything that we have today is because of the fight that we fought and the exact same thing is happening to India, today," Rahul added.



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