Cong: Anti-Dalit mindset of BJP behind more crimes on Dalits

Kashmir Times. Dated: 9/23/2021 1:23:27 AM

NEW DELHI, Sep 22: Congress on Wednesday tweeted that a consistent rise in crimes against Scheduled Castes (SCs) witnessed since the Modi government came to power is "because the poison trickles down from the very top of the govt."

In a series of tweets with the hashtag of #Dalit_Virodhi_BJP_Modi, it says: "There is no doubt about it that women & children are always at risk under BJP rule."

It noted that three out of four states with maximum crimes against Dalits are the BJP-ruled states -- UP, MP and Haryana. It said: "Crimes against SC women and children increased by 15%, yet conviction rate remains low."

The Congress also reeled out the statistics on the rise in crimes against the Scheduled Castes to show the "anti-Dalit mindset" of the BJP.

At all-India level, the crimes against scheduled castes shot up from 43,203 in 2017 to 50,291 in 2020. In the BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh, these crimes went up from 11,444 in 2017 to 11,024 in 2018, 11,829 in 2019 and 12,714 in 2020. In another BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh, the crimes in the respective years dipped from 5892 in 2017 to 4753 in 2018, 5300 in 2019 and shot up to 6899 in 2020.

In the BJP-ruled Haryana, these figures in the respective years were 762, 961, 1086 and 1210 while Bihar having a coalition government of Janata Dal(U) and BJP, these figures were: 6747, 7061, 6544 and 7368. The Congress underlined that violence in the BJP-ruled states continues to rise.

It said the BJP has its own way of attacking the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. "First they attack, then they deny you justice. The Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act case pendency rate increased 96.5% in 2020. As many as 1,77,379 cases were pending trial.

"Imagine if every 10 minutes you faced a threat. That is the plight of our SC brothers & sisters in India today," adds the Congress in another tweet. "Every 10 minutes, a SC person faced a crime in 2020. 9.4% increase in cases registered in 1 year," the Congress said, adding that the anti-Dalit mentality and politics of hatred and the BJP's anti-Dalit policy increasing the crimes against the Dalits.



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