Year 2020 saw 12% crimes against children in J&K

Kashmir Times. Dated: 9/23/2021 1:24:37 AM

SRINAGAR, Sep 22: In Jammu and Kashmir, more than 12 percent of crime was committed against children in 2020 against the total crime rate documented by the Nation Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), reveals the survey.
According to the data revealed, “The total rate of crime against children in 2020 in Jammu and Kashmir stands at 12.3 per cent; while the charge sheeting rate stands at 62 percent.”
The date further reveals that in 2020, one each case of murder with rape and Posco case was also reported in Jammu and Kashmir, attempt to Commit Murder (Sec 307 IPC), four infanticide and 9 crime cases of exposure and abandonment against children.
The NCRB figures reveal that there are over 869 cases of crime against children at the disposal of police in Jammu and Kashmir, which include 263 cases of pending investigation from the previous year and 606 cases that were reported in the year 2019.
Stating the kidnapping and abduction cases of children under section 363, 363A, 364,364 A, 365, 366, 366A, 367, 368, 369 of IPC, the report reads that Jammu and Kashmir reported 293, 302 and 6.0 cases, whereas under Kidnapping and Abduction under section 363 of the IPC, the Jammu and Kashmir reported 202, 211 and 4.1 crime cases against children.
“Sixteen cases of kidnapping and abduction of minor girls to compel them for marriage were reported in Jammu and Kashmir and 73 other kidnappings and abduction crimes cases against children were also reported,” it reads.



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