Covid pandemic: Rahul reminds & then only Modi govt acts

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 1/17/2022 10:13:20 PM

NEW DELHI, Jan 17: The Congress on Monday narrated the sad saga of Covid pandemic in India and how experts advised and Rahul Gandhi warned and reminded and then only the Modi government finally acted. It said this is a chronology that has become a constant since the onset of the pandemic, adding that "we wish the government would do better."
In a Twitter teaser on #BJPFailsVaccination, it pointed out that the experts warned the Modi government in September 2021 to begin booster vaccine doses immediately and Rahul asked the government on December 22: "When will GOI begin booster shots?" On December 25, PM Modi ordered precautionary doses from Jan 2022 as per guidelines.
The Congress wondered: "Why does the Modi govt need to be reminded to prioritise our people during this pandemic?"
It said: "Chaos, confusion & catastrophe -- what prevailed during one year of Modi govt's vaccine drive." It said all went wrong: First, delay in procurement, then vaccine exports and vaccine shortage and then mismanagement in distribution of the vaccines. It said: "The entire nation paid the price for the Modi govt's botched up vaccine policy."
The Congress asserted that "comparing India's vaccination performance with other nations in terms of absolute number has been BJP's way of hiding its failure from the get go" and told it: "Futile PR exercises will not heal our people's pain."
"Behind BJP's PR hides India's reality," it said and cited the percentage of population fully vaccinated. It is the highest 91.97% in UAE, followed by 84.52% in China, 70.18% in UK and 62.46% in US while India's poor vaccination covered just 46.9% population.
The Congress said the government and the BJP are engaged in playing with the figures instead of giving the percentage of the population vaccinated. It said the nation has understood the chronology of the government's vaccination policy as instead of spelling out a clearcut policy, they are busy flaunting false claims.
It narrated how Modi declared victory over the Coronavirus in February 2021 and the nation was caught into its second wave very next month in March 2021, with no clear policy of vaccine distribution in April until the states gave reports on shortage of the vaccines. In June 2021, Modi carried out a propaganda of complete vaccination by end of 2021, while the vaccination slowed down for propaganda on one-day event of the PM's birthday in September 2021. The Congress said the government failed in its own declaration to complete full vaccination in December 2021.
What happened during one year of vaccination? A shower of Jumlas, dates after dates unkept and events and PR management. Everything done except vaccination of all people. "In 2020, they said the PM 'cares.' In 2021, India unfortunately realised, he doesn't, the Congress added.



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