Playing Video Games As Stress Reliever for Adults

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 4/2/2022 12:24:50 PM

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NEW DELHI, Apr 01: Playing games have often been viewed as a pastime activity. In recent times, however, it has proven to have more benefits. These include improvement of problem-solving abilities, development of social skills, more learning opportunities, increased brain activity, etc. Among the many benefits that playing video games have, stress relief is one of the most interesting. Stressors are things that put pressure on us in a bad way, making us feel overwhelmed or tired. One would think that since games are sometimes hard to win, they would make us more stressed. But science has proven that the reverse is the case.
How Adults Use Video Games for Better Stress Relief
These are some of the reasons video games are seen as an effective way of relieving stress;
• Triumph Circuit: Triumph Circuit is a part of the human brain that rewards us with a good feeling whenever we win something or overcome a challenge. Video games are a great way to get our brain to reward us every time. The concept of these games is to provide us with a problem and give us the tools to solve them. This way, we can win more than we lose. Some video games are even monetized and we can win real cash from them. For instance, when you play online roulette for real money and win, your victory comes with cash rewards. Your brain will reward you with a lot of good feelings for that. And more importantly, this can help to relieve stress and tension.
• Attention and Enjoyment: This is to be expected in every game. When we play games, we are engaging with them. When we play video games we can get so engrossed in them that we forget our present worries and stressors. If video gaming is an activity that you enjoy too, it would be easy to feel relieved after playing these games. Try doing something that you really enjoy outside playing a video game, and you’ll agree that you feel less stressed after immersing in it. Since most people enjoy playing this kind of game, it is agreed that it is a great way to get them relief from stress and stressors.
• Social Connections: There are many advantages of video games but one that stands out is the social connections you get as a result. On social media, you simply meet people maybe share similar passions or demographics with you. But with video games, you meet people while trying to beat them at a game. This can be a great way to connect with people.
• Creative Thinking: Our brain has two parts. The left brain and the right brain. The left brain is the fact-finding, analytic part of our brain while the right brain is the creative, visual, and free-thinking part of our brain. We make use of the left part of the brain for most of our activities, neglecting the right part. Video games can be a great way to exercise the neglected part of the brain more, making it more active and causing us to have great relief from stress.
Do Video Games Really Help Adults Relieve Stress?
Video games are not a way to run away from life or to distract ourselves from life. This is a misinterpretation of what they are. They are a means to tap into our problem-solving power while relaxing from the stressors that surround us. The benefits of playing video games as adults are numerous. But one benefit that helps our mind the most, is that video games relieve stress. So, instead of seeing them as time-wasters, engage more with the video games that you enjoy.



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