KPCC organizes party convention of Doda, Kishtwar and Ramban Districts

Kashmir Times. Dated: 11/6/2022 11:39:36 PM

Whole Nation aghast in wait of Ache Din for last eight years: Manoj Yadav

Batote, November 05, 2022:- AICC Jt. Secretary and Incharge J&K Manoj Yadav ,JKPCC Chief Vikar Rasool Wani and JKPCC Working President Raman Bhalla Saturday addressed mammoth party convention of Doda, Kishtwar and Ramban Districts at Batote. The objective of the convention was to mobilize public opinion to strengthen the party base at the grass-root level and also to highlight BJP Govt’s wrong policies in J&K.Prominent among those present on the occasion include Ex MLA Ashok Kumar, Hayder Sheikh, Ex Youth President Pranav Shagotra, Pawan Raina, Narinder Gupta, Congress Sewadal Chief Vijay Sharma Babbi, Jatin Vashisht , Sajad Ahmed Mir, Pardeep Singh Raju, Lalita Devi, Heena Lateef, Sarpanch Srilal, Mohd Isaq, Haji Ghulam Hassan Mir, Sarpanch Muneer Ahmed Sohil, Irfan Ahmed Batt, Bashir Ahmed Mir, Jahanzaib Sirwal, Freooz Ahmed Khan, Bashir Ahmed Naik, Sarpanch Rajaz Zarhar, Javeed Lone, Asif Naqib, Sheikh Majeeb, Praya Lal Shan, Shafiq Ahmed Kotach beside others.
Addressing the convention, Yadav said, “youth is the real strength of India and nursery of Congress party, which will take command of the country in future”, adding “Congress party will make the role of the youth more vibrant in order to nurture them for taking the future challenges of the country”.He said Congress leadership at the Centre has conferred huge responsibility on the shoulders of youth leader, Rahul Gandhi, who has mobilized the youth power in the entire country.Asking the youth to make strenuous efforts to strengthen the party at the grass root level, he said the youth will be assigned special role in the coming elections and they will get their due share.He asked the youth to popularize the programmes and policies of the party among the people, especially in youth. Yadav that the Nation has been aghast to see during the past eight years that in the name of ‘Ache Din’, the BJP has always endeavored to mislead the people, as the scenario is quite different. Farmers are suffering instead of getting double the income to their produce, unemployment is growing like never before, the backbone of the common people is broken due to inflation and sky rocketing rise in the prices of essential commodities.
Speaking on the occasion, JKPCC Chief expressed dismay over autocratic style of governance of the BJP led central government stating that where was the peace, development, transformation that was promised post Article 370 rollback in J-K.He said Congress is committed to fight for restoration of statehood for Jammu and Kashmir till the ultimate goal is achieved.Asking people what change they have witnessed on the ground since August 2019, he said, keep religion, caste, creed and regional politics aside and ask yourselves if there has been any improvement in our lives. If the answer is negative, we have to set the accounts straight at the time of voting,” he said, cautioning people to remain vigilant against polarization attempts ahead of the polls. Congress is not fighting for its own interests but our struggle is for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. We are fighting for the restoration of our rights for which we have been divested on August 5, 2019 and our firm resolve is to keep fighting till we attain our goal,” he thundered from the stage.
“Show me even a single developmental project that has been sanctioned by this government in Jammu and Kashmir, all the projects which are shown by the PM Narendera Modi led government were started during Congress regime,” Wani claimed.“I want to ask Central government what has changed after reorganization of J&K and downgrading the erstwhile state,” he said.He questioned the BJP led central government to make the people understand about the new developmental works initiated by it, new projects started and new amenities provided to the people.“Every promise that Modi government made has proved to be misleading as the situation has reached a stage where we have to knock every door for justice. The peace is nowhere to be seen,” he rued.Wani further alleged that the people were told lies and misled by false promises and slogans when the erstwhile state was downgraded. “We were told that Article 370 was an obstacle for industrialization, generation of employment opportunities for our youth and the main reason for poverty, and its removal would pave the way for development and new projects, it stands exposed today,” he said and questioned the claims that Article 370 was hollow, asking “then what was the need for its abrogation”.He said attempts are being made to undermine Congress, which is not ready to compromise, paddle falsehood, betray people, raise false slogans and do politics on the basis of religion and region.
“Bhadarwah do not have oil, gas or gold mines but God has bestowed it with mundane charm and natural attraction which we tried to exploit for the betterment of people…
when there will be change in the government, we will refocus on it,” Wani noted adding much aspired Gandola service was to be started here like Patnitop and Mubarkmandi, but due to least interest shown by the present dispensation in this region has pushed it to the back burner”.He said the situation is grim as anyone raising his voice against the “injustice” is being labelled as “anti-national.The Congress Party has demanded Scheduled Tribe (ST) status for the people living in the entire Chenab belt including Ramban, Doda and Kishtwar districts besides parts of Reasi.He said that the people across the Chenab belt are living in extreme geographic and climatic conditions which is evident from the fact that landslides have become a permanent feature in the region as a result of which the road connectivity remains adversely affected throughout the year with connectivity in far flung and remote areas being virtually zero for months together.
Wani further said that the infrastructure pertaining to every sector is wanting due to abject negligence of the Union Territory administration. The cosmetic road, education and health infrastructure which are the basic essentials, lie in shambles across this tough mountainous region with the people of this region suffering the most and compelled to live in miserable conditions.He said that the people, residing in the entire Chenab belt, should be declared as Scheduled Tribe (ST) as they are facing discrimination and step-motherly treatment by the J&K Administration and Central Government on this count adding that lakhs of educated unemployed youth from the Chenab Valley region being the worst sufferers can be benefitted by declaring the people as STs as this would facilitate these youth in getting employment. He said that due to unemployment the youth of this region could be misled or misused by anti-national and anti-social elements.
JKPCC Working President Raman Bhalla in his address said that , "We don't believe in the promises that BJP, others have made with the people of Chenab Valley. They have always fallen flat. Our party believes in solving general issues and problems faced by the common masses."He added, "During the last 8 years, BJP has only dealt injustice with the common masses of Chenab Valley. They have failed to address the basic issues of the general public, despite being in power both in J&K and centre." Now again they are trying to mislead people. They are involved in spreading false messages on social networking sites and are blaming Congress leadership for false reasons. They are working against the interest of Congress," Bhalla said.
"It was because of the efforts of Congress Govt that the state of Jammu and Kashmir, especially the Chenab Valley witnessed development," he claimed."It has been during the tenure of Congress Govt that the Chenab Valley got additional administrative units and all-round development of the region," he said.He asked the party cadres to remain prepared for the Assembly polls, emphasizing that they should highlight the efforts of previous Congress Govt for the development in the Chenab Valley region."We will sweep the elections in Chenab Valley and will fight the polls on development plank, unlike some parties which are only trying to gain votes by communalizing the situation in the otherwise peaceful Chenab Valley region," he said.
Bhalla said that the Congress party will remain committed to the cause of strengthening people and working for the peace, progress and overall development of J&K. He said that the Congress alone stands as a guarantee to the secular fabric, diversity and unity in the country and will remain committed to fight and defeat the fascist, communal forces posing a threat to the secular fabric of the country.“Despite the highhandedness and discrimination by the ruling parties they will never succeed to stop people from raising their heads against the wrong policies of the Govt,” he said and pointed out that Jammu and Kashmir was a symbol of unity and multiplicity, but since the BJP assumed power, things started worsening and attempts were made to pollute the secular fabric and unity in the J&K.“But the people of J&K being wise enough realized that conspiracies were being hatched to divide people on regional lines. I am confident that people of Chenav valley will continue to fight for peace, progress and development,” Bhalla added.



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