Army Chief visits Siachen base camp, Forward posts

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 11/3/2023 1:55:31 AM

'Reviews preparedness for harsh winter months'

A file photo of Indian Army chief General Manoj Pande taking over the charge from his predecessor in New Delhi. PIB Defence

SRINAGAR, Nov 01: Army Chief General Manoj Pande paid a visit to the high-altitude Siachen Base Camp and forward posts to assess the condition of troops and review the logistical and operational preparedness for the harsh winter months.
Sources told a local news agency KNS that this visit of Army Chief was aimed at ensuring the welfare of the troops stationed in one of the world's most challenging and strategically vital regions.
“Upon his arrival at the base camp, General Pande was greeted by senior military officials and personnel, who briefed him on the current situation in the region. He then embarked on an extensive tour of the camp, personally inspecting the living conditions of the soldiers, their equipment, and their preparedness for the upcoming winter season,” sources said.
The Siachen Glacier is notorious for its extreme climatic conditions, with temperatures plummeting to as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius during the winter. Maintaining troops in this inhospitable environment poses significant challenges, including ensuring adequate provisions and winter stocking.
Sources said that during his visit, General Pande interacted with the troops and offered words of encouragement and appreciation for their dedication and resilience in such demanding conditions.
He emphasized the importance of their role in safeguarding the nation's interests in this strategic border region.
“General Pande also reviewed the logistical arrangements at the Siachen Base Camp, which is essential for maintaining the supply lines to forward posts. Ensuring the uninterrupted flow of essential supplies and equipment to the troops in this remote and challenging environment is a top priority,” sources said.
The Army Chief, accompanied by senior officers, observed the state of the art equipment, cold-weather gear, and winter stocking arrangements put in place to sustain the troops during the harsh winter season.
“Specialized equipment and clothing are necessary to protect the soldiers from the extreme cold and to maintain their operational readiness,”.
The Indian Army has been continuously modernizing its infrastructure and logistics in the Siachen region to enhance the capabilities of its troops.
“This visit was part of the ongoing efforts to maintain and improve the operational efficiency and morale of the soldiers deployed in this challenging area.
Meanwhile, sources told KNS that Army Chief General Manoj Pande also visits forward posts.
During this visit, he interacted with troops, assessed the security situation, and emphasized the importance of vigilance and preparedness to safeguard India's border in this sensitive area.
“Accompanied by senior military officials, General Pande traveled to various forward posts in Leh, where he received firsthand briefings on the operational readiness of the troops stationed along the Line of Actual Control (LAC),” sources said.
“General Pande had discussions with local commanders and soldiers, discussing their experiences and the challenges they faced while operating in high-altitude and difficult terrains.
He praised their dedication and unwavering commitment to their duties under arduous conditions,” sources said.
The Army Chief emphasized the importance of remaining vigilant along the border and maintaining a high state of operational readiness.
He highlighted the need for constant preparedness in the face of evolving security dynamics and expressed his confidence in the abilities of the troops to respond to any contingencies effectively.
Sources said that General Pande's visit to the forward posts and Siachen base camp underscores the Indian Army's commitment to securing the nation's borders and maintaining a strong defense presence in critical areas.
“It also serves as a morale booster for the soldiers who work relentlessly under challenging conditions, ensuring the security and integrity of the nation's borders,” he said.



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