Crown Princes of the world..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 11/9/2017 11:40:33 PM

With the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, all dressed in white robe, head gear and charming smile, arresting uncles, cousins and relatives, fear has crept into many families all over the world. “Who is your crown prince Donny?” asked the First Lady glancing fearfully at all the shut bedrooms of the White House, filled with the president’s children.
“We don’t have crown princes in America,” said the president angrily. “Though I’d like to tweet that we should have them!”
“No!” screamed the first lady, “I don’t want to lie awake every night, wondering which bedroom door opens with one of your dozen children arresting me!”
In Korea, Kim Jong Un looked up from the Saudi news in the papers, sternly at his wife and finally said, “I am the Crown Prince!”
“Husband you are the Supreme Commander, Presidium of the Worker’s Party of Korea, Marshal of the Korean Army, the Shining Sun, the..”
“Enough!” growled the young president, “I want to be called Crown Prince!”
“Yes husband!”
“Crown Prince!”
“Yes Crown Prince!”
In England, Prince Charles, sat upright as he tried to dwarf Camilla, “I’m the crown prince, from today Britain will listen to me!”
“Go back to sleep darling,” yawned his wife, “I just saw her royal highness, your royal mom alive and kicking and it may well nigh be a hundred years, for that to happen!”
“I am a crown prince!” said Charles, “And I am going to do what the Arabian guy did!”
“Arrest all your relatives?” asked Camilla fearfully.
“Ban cricket and football and make polo the official game of our Merry England!”
“You’re a little old to get on a horse dear!”
“And I’ll ban you from opening your mouth!” sulked the prince.
“You’re Crown Prince for Life!” guffawed Camilla, as she watched the queen from her window, waving vigorously to the crowd below
Buckingham palace, “You’ll live and die a Crown Prince! Ha! Ha! Ha!”
In India, Rahul Gandhi, heir apparent to the Congress throne, shouted aloud to his mother, “Ma haven’t I been called the crown prince of
India by the press?”
“Eat your porridge son, don’t spill any on your new white kurta!” said his mother as she put the spoon firmly in his mouth.
“I’d like to do what that Saudi crown prince is doing ma,” said the young scion stubbornly.
“You want to arrest all your relatives?”
“Not all ma! Just Uncle Modi!”
“Bah Modi is not your uncle!” said his mother. “The day you stop being intimidated by him and stop calling him uncle, you will win the elections!”
“Okay ma!” he sighed, as he glanced at the newspapers and found that Robert Vadra his brother-in-law was accused of another scam.
“But he’s not my cousin!” thought the young Rahul quickly, and decided to allow the Saudi prince to do his thing while he did his own; eating porridge without soiling his clothes..!



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