BJP shedding crocodile tears over Jammu’s deprivation: Harsh

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 11/13/2017 1:14:19 AM

RAMNAGAR, Nov 12: Accusing the BJP of playing to the galleries over the issue of discrimination against Jammu region, Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman today said that the saffron brigade was once again trying to hoodwink the people by their foxy designs and Machiavellian politics.
He said that it was amazing to note the BJP Juggernaut approaching the Interlocutor Dineshwar Sharma with a request and a memorandum to end the bias against Jammu region. Deliriously oblivious of their position and role in the Govt, the BJP leaders not only drew flak from the public but also made themselves as objects of ridicule, said Harsh Dev Singh.
Despite having their govts at the centre and in the state it was ridiculous, he said , to find the BJP pleading for Jammu rights before their own nominee. “Whom are they trying to fool? What do they want to convey? Do they not know that they are in power today or else they want to convey that they are mere ornamental pieces in the govt having no say at all” questioned Harsh. He said that such ludicrous conduct and crocodile tears could only evoke cynicism rather than appreciation from the masses. He said that BJP stood fully exposed for its policy of “running with the hare and hunting with the hound” and would have to pay a heavy price for its duplicity in the days to come.
Calling upon the people to strengthen JKNPP, Harsh Dev Singh said that it was the only recognized regional party which was fighting for rights of people of Jammu region irrespective of caste, colour, creed or religion. Bias against Jammu in employment, funds allocation, tourism, Health and other sectors had reached its peak during the present govt, said Harsh adding further that Panthers Party was determined to take the fight for Jammu to its logical end. “We shall not spare any effort to oppose, expose and to depose those who have betrayed the people of Jammu” said Harsh.
Inviting the attention of the local administration toward increased crime in the area, he charged the local police of being hand in glove with notorious characters and criminals. While the vandal and marauders roamed freely, the common man was being harassed which called for due indulgence of the Senior Police officers including the Director General of Police, said Harsh.
He expressed concern over the pathetic plight of rural roads which desperately cried for repairs and renovation. He assured the people that their complaints and grievances with regard to working of PHE, PWD and MG-NREGA would be duly projected before the concerned authorities.



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