My Love is back!

By S Mukhtar. Dated: 11/14/2017 12:41:43 PM

Yeah, yeah my Love is back…O after 6 long months of separation… imposed not by her unfaithfulness or mine, not by any disease or compulsion, not by any failures or quarrels or differences, but by Mother Nature herself! Yet soon the unfathomable unconquerable magnanimous kindest Mother joined us back! Hearty thanks to her!
My Love is warmer than ever before. Similar warmth many say flows from my Love's competing rivals; I am given them now whenever out, but sure and certain my Love's warmth is unparalleled and unbeatable! Yes my Love is in my heart and long close to my body…leaves me light artistic inerasable scars of utmost love on some body parts…these fade, but never fail, reappear year after year…true, Love's love marks coming annually!
My knot with my Love was tied when I was years just eight or nine. Everybody around was careful that the knot may not harm; thanks to my Love it never did. As I grew up that care decreased and died. Yes the knot will die only when I do.
What I should be proud of about my Love is this that there is not any outer non-Kashmiri trace in her even one single fabric…yes full hundred per cent Kashmiri she is ever since the first of her species was delivered and her gradual upward fashionably artistic evolution thereafter. Nothing coming from anywhere outside Kashmir she needs to live by, no outside helping treatments either, her mentors too all are only pure Kashmiris themselves: nothing else here whatever can claim similar applause. True, every honouring worldly prize whatever for her species' first deliverer, even the Nobel too, is only too small.
Not a single Kashmiri lives anywhere in the world who does not know my Love - O she but is a love of one and all too! Any non-Kashmiri seeing her warming me ever up in closest possible contact is bewildered to utter inertia.
All loves entail maintenance, sustenance, expenditure. Yet again so great of my Love that even in these days of perpetually rising costs everywhere everyday, she costs me just a little…O not more than Rs 5 every day.
Anxious who after all my Love is?
Yes, glad to introduce, know my Love. Name: Kaangar (fashionably, Kangri); First deliverer: Unknown; Date of birth: Unknown; Date of death: Doomsday; Life span: Eternal; Life food: Charcoal; Distinction: Emission of pleasant radiant heat; Favour: Keeps me adequately warm even in harshest winters. Yes; Up with: My Love!



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