GST ka naam badnaam no karo

Kashmir Times. Dated: 11/14/2017 11:29:03 PM

Dear Editor,
The government has made a mockery of GST known as best across the world by having an Indian version of GST -almost all good character sticks of GST are nowhere seen in India. GST must have one single rate not more than 12% for all the items including petroleum products etc. The real purpose of GST will be achieved only when all the taxes like Vat, Excise etc.-Central or State are abolished which are merged into one GST Act.
The latest modifications in lowering some rates and for simplification are not enough. The newly modification is -the GST rate on 178 daily items reduced to 18% from 28%. A uniform 5 per cent tax was prescribed for all restaurants, both AC and non-Act the same time input tax credit, a facility to set off tax paid on inputs with final tax is withdrawn. Now Restaurant owners says that they will increase their prices as they are being now deprived off input tax credit. It is utmost important for the government to make a nil GST tax rate on all food items, medicines and health related products and other necessities of life. It is shame on the part of government to levy GST on wheat / Atta and on the nature’s call- use of toilets and lavatories etc. On compliance side one-page Saral form must be introduced to file GST Returns.
—M. Kumar,
B-49 Gulmohar Park New Delhi.



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