Harassment of employers

Kashmir Times. Dated: 11/14/2017 11:29:20 PM

Dear Editor
Referring to closing of Oil mill in Kathua, the ESI Scheme was implemented in Jammu Muncipal Corporation and other areas as per different government notification issued by Central government. It has been observed that many factories and establishment which were not falling in the JMC jurisdiction were covered erroneously by the ESI Corporation Regional Office Jammu in the previous years . The officers of ESI Corporation has acted in illegal manner in enforcing the different provisions of Act and forcing and harassing the employer by attaching their Bank Account .
Despite the written application the officers of ESI Corporation who didn’t pay any attention to the matter and the employers are ultimately forced to seek remedies in courts. The employers have been threatened with seizure of Bank accounts due to which they are not able to disburse the salary of their poor workers. The time when the employers fraternity is facing hardship dues to the implementation of GST and not able to get VAT Refunds in JK, this step of ESI Regional office is creating havoc among employer. The approach of the officers sitting in Regional Office is very hard for the employer as they are sitting only to harass and not to facilitate.
--Shivankar Jamwal



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