India could also do so putting apart politics

Kashmir Times. Dated: 12/2/2017 12:31:18 AM

Dear Editor,
Does a citizen of India have no right to live without a mobile, internet or without a bank account? If yes, how can government forced to have a mobile, internet (and E-Mail) and bank account? To have Aadhaar mobile and internet is a must. Why a citizen has no option to keep all the white money -having all the details of acquiring / earning it in cash? Why he must keep it in a bank account-just to pay heavy / unwanted bank services charges. One can save money by keeping it in cash by avoiding hefty bank charges. Does the government wish to oblige the internet and mobile service and manufacturers of mobiles to roar their business by making Aadhaar compulsory -as mobile and internet are pre-requisite for having Aadhaar?
Income Tax Return cannot be filed without Aadhar -that makes compulsory for the tax payer to have E-Mail (internet) and Mobile. Some citizens especially senior citizens find an uphill task to use Internet-E mails and mobiles. Almost all income tax related interaction with income tax department are now on net only-no manual ones are allowed even.
Aadhaar has become ji ka janjaal for common men. On every step of life now Aadhaar is needed. Is it justified?
The government just do not trust its citizens on almost all accounts and this kind of thinking and behaviour by the government is most dangerous and nowhere near to democracy.
Moreover, Aadhar violates fundamental rights of privacy of an Indian citizen. It is a dangerous link as almost daily reports are in the Press of its misuse. But government never admits it and will never admit it! Once a citizen is a victim of Aadhaar misuse his life will be ruined. But government is forcing it on the illogical ground / base of security and on saving government finances -no one can win over on such topics though in the broader outlook -in the welfare of citizens- its advantages cannot be weighed more than losses / risk involved in it. The Supreme Court on these grounds must struck down Aadhaar in toto.
—M. Kumar,
B-49 Gulmohar Park New Delhi.



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