Animal intelligence

By S Mukhtar. Dated: 12/4/2017 1:37:55 PM

"Yes dear."
"Which are our ten most intelligent animals?"
"But how come to that?"
"Our teacher asked us…no answers we had."
"Yes. Biologists say the ten most intelligent animals on earth are: Chimpanzees, Bottlenose Dolphins, Elephants, African Grey Parrots, Rats, Crows, Dogs, Pigeons, Pigs, and Octopuses."
"Bull, horse, swallow…nowhere?"
"Yes nowhere among the most intelligent ten."
"Then, three stories I have…Flood-14 stories."
"O! Dear say."
"Uncle, yes bull story first. Flood-14 washed away an adult robust bull. Somehow, probably some water up current helping, it managed its escape up into a village. A villager took it home, provided it all necessities, but the bull was madly resistant and offensive, for a whole week, and the saviour sold it to another of an adjacent village. Worse his lot, he too sold it away in another adjacent village. O still worse his lot, he too sold it away into the bull's native village. The very next morn, the bull leaving a big herd, ran away, reached his home of birth, bellowed hard and harder at the door, and none responding, hit the door harder and hardest with horns, and then his first master appearing, lo lowered his head before him and sat silently at his feet - O reunion great it was!"
"Dear horse story, please?"
"Flood-14 ruthlessly washed down a robust horse. More than a year after, it reached back its home, neighed hard at the door, and its master approaching rubbed its head and neck against him. The master was amused to see a young mare along with."
"And dear, swallow story, please?"
"Uncle you know swallows nested over years in our one ground floor room. Flood-14 almost fully filling the room, they then didn't at all enter that room, flew past the first floor room above it, over and over, over several days, till two of its glass panes we removed. Then they readily entered that room and, choruses of chirpings on, made their new nest there. Both nests are there but they never make a mistake…use only the first floor nest since the flood."
"Indeed so great of the all three!"
"But Uncle, all three not in the ten most intelligent animals list…what about?"
"All three might have been what we call mutations. And then yes animal intelligence is steadily on the increase."
"Uncle, human intelligence also?"
"Yes, we are boldly told so by all biologists. But…"
"But what but…?"
"Great son, we humans are the Highest of all Creation by two factors - Intelligence and Sense. But, very sad to say, our Sense is slowly steadily decreasing down throughout. Human feelings, love, affection, sympathy, empathy, compassion, commiseration, all are dying down: and yes, Machiavellianism is increasing up throughout. Our Intelligence increasing, if only our Sense too would be increasing, our entire world would be a heaven indeed!"
"Up with: My Uncle! Yes; Up with: My Uncle!"



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