Aide Memoire to H.E. the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres

Kashmir Times. Dated: 1/6/2018 4:00:41 PM

Dear Editor,
People of Jammu Kashmir appreciate anxious concern of H.E. Secretary General of the United Nations for resolution of the outstanding Kashmir Issue. The people of Kashmir have never compromised their right to freedom and made it known to the international community through continuous struggle and sacrifices that their wishes must be ascertained directly through promised, fair, and impartial plebiscite under the United Nations auspices, as the only legitimate solution of the Kashmir Issue.
The recent offer of assistance and mediation made by the Secretary General, to India and Pakistan for peaceful solution of the Issue, received no response from India. Regretfully, the Indian Government of Prime Minister, Narandra Modi wants to appear tough and inflexible on Jammu Kashmir Issue.
I. Recent violations of cease-fire and sporadic firing across LOC has caused havoc and harassment causing devastation and destruction of property and human lives. There is immediate apprehension of threat to peace and security in the region.
II. It is, the principal responsibility of the Secretary General and the Security Council to take measures to ascertain the will of the people as to whether they liked to join Pakistan or India or to remain independent with a right to become member of the United Nations. It is high time; the Secretary General could bring to the notice of permanent members of the Security Council and ask them to refer the issue to the International Court of justice. Whether this could be done successfully depends upon the attitude and policies of the permanent members, but they should be left in no doubt that any failure to resolve the issue could lead to serious disorders throughout South Asian Sub-continent and possible to yet another war between India and Pakistan with incalculable consequences for the whole world, since both States now have nuclear capability.
III. The Secretary General could move under chapter-VII of the United Nations Charter and take measures for complete withdrawal of Armed-forces from both parts of the State of Jammu Kashmir and their replacement by a small peace-keeping force coupled with the responsibility of maintenance of peace in the region till settlement of the Issue.
IV. Finally, the people of Jammu Kashmir State trust and believe that his Excellency, the Secretary General and the Security Council of the United nations shall take measures to reunite the State under an interim United Nations administration in Jammu Kashmir, so that it enables itself to organize a democratic process enabling the people of Jammu Kashmir, to decide their own political future, as promised by the United Nations, India and Pakistan.
Hope that this shall receive an urgent consideration and timely response from his Excellency, the Secretary General of the United Nations.
—Muhammad Azeem Dutt
H. No. 234B/5 Mirpur
Jammu Kashmir PC 10250
Via Pakistan PH: 0092 355 6121399
2. 137 Kendal Dr. Parlin N.J 08859



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