Goodbye Chilai Kalaan!

By S Mukhtar. Dated: 2/7/2018 2:52:37 PM

31 January it was…9 a.m. The last day of this Chilai Kalaan (21 December-31 January) it was. I phoned my friend.
"Hello" coming, he began singing.
"Dear, what singing but," I retorted.
"Dear, am singing my hearty farewell to Chilai Kalaan!"
"May I share?"
"O sure!"
And singing he began. Let us all share:
"Chilai Kalaan gow Farsi paithen,
Kaisheur naaw chhus Shishar Maas.
Sheen rood chiluk zaiwar aasaan,
Pushrith thawaan nazla ta chaas.
Chilai Kalaanas aaba khazaanas,
Hena dina rous chol roozus graaw.
Sheen rood thowun seet az paanas,
Path kun roodus chhorui naaw."
Fantastic really! But yes in pure Kashmiri and so not for all. And so I dared a rendering. Share:
Name in Persian yes Chilai Kalaan,
Its Kashmiri name is Shishar Maas.
Snows and rains Chila's merits unique,
Cold and cough it downs upon all.
Chilai Kalaan - the treasures of waters,
Gave us none, left - owes them to us.
Snows and rains it all kept to itself,
And left us but only its name!
Evening, I phoned my friend again and sang him my rendering.
"Dear, beautiful!" he said.
"But, dear, no snows no rains no sprays even, not to speak of full year lasting treasures of waters, yes instead only cold and cough downed upon almost all, what the hell has become this Chilai Kalaan? And praise and applaud it still?"
"Dear, don't please blame Chilai Kalaan: Yes, blame ourselves!"
"This Chilai Kalaan arrived at its appointed hour…this left at its appointed hour… stayed disciplined its full ordained term. Its blessings gone: Not its fault!"
"Not of Chilai Kalaan. Not of Plantalia. Not of other Animalia. But yes solely of our own…of us Homo sapiens…that brought about the climate change!"
"Dear Zarif Sahib, thanks for that enlightenment! Thanks again!"



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