Speed Breaker Psychology..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 2/7/2018 2:54:41 PM

"In our country," said the important looking official, from the transport department, "the speed breaker is a symbolic statement. Do you know the kind of training the speed breaker installers have to undergo, the teaching they have to imbibe, before they are finally put on the road.
"No," I said. "I thought they were just ordinary masons, or road builders."
"Ah, how little you know," said the official passing a group of road repairers and giving them a smart salute, "they are a special team. See that man with the red cap in the middle, he has done his masters in speed breaking philosophy."
"He looks quite ordinary to me," I said.
"The humility that comes from so many shakes and jolts," said the official knowingly.
"He instructs his men as to whether the traffic should be rumbled out of their reverie, or jolted out of their fantasy."
"He seems to be doing a good job," I said. "He just jolted me out of imagining there was a plain road ahead of me."
"He has tried hard to advice the present government to abolish all roads and have only speed breakers," said the official.
"I think they've already listened to him," I said.
"And that man with a torn blue T-shirt with sweat all over his face, who's he?" I asked looking back and staring at what I had always thought were only ordinary road construction gangs.
"His job is very closely connected to the one with the red cap," said the official squinting in the sun, "he's a speed breaker psychologist."
"What does he do?" I asked in wonder.
"He tells the men as to what height to make the speed breaker. Traffic returning home will always have higher speed breakers. This is to shock the drivers out of their office problems and get them soothed out, and traffic going to their offices will have speed breakers that will gently ease them into reality."
"You don't say so?" I asked in amazement, "and here I've been thinking all along that a speed breaker is a speed breaker."
"I'm glad I was able to be part of your education," said the official smiling at me.
I watched as suddenly a motor cyclist came down the road, hit the speed breaker head on and was flung into the air, before he fell crumpled to the ground. "Why don't you at least paint white lines to warn motorists?" I asked, watching the young rider getting up dazed and then being led off the road by the speed breaking psychologist to answer a questionnaire.
"What, paint the speed breaker?" exclaimed the official, "then there would be no element of surprise. We want people to learn from this speed breaking experience."
"What happens when people are killed in the experience?" I asked.
"Most of them do," said the official wisely, "but then that is also a symbolic statement we are trying to impart to the people….. in our country you don't know what is going to happen next, especially with the present prime minister in charge…!!"



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