Bank of India helps villagers in digital aid

Kashmir Times. Dated: 2/10/2018 6:00:34 PM

Dear Editor,
Bank of India – one the most trust branded banks in India has set each of its 54 zones a target of converting a minimum five villages into ‘digital villages. Conforming with the Government's Vision of Digital India and as a part of company's corporate social responsibility, Bank of India which is one of the leading state-owned banks with one of the largest rural branch network is now transforming its branches situated in rural villages into Digital Villages through the implementation of digital programme.
A digital village is one where transactions in the local economy happen in a cashless mode through use of, among others, credit/debit cards and mobile phone applications/e-wallets.
Apart from creating digital villages, Bank of India has drifted two schemes — Paathshala and Prayogshala — to create national awareness on digital transactions. Under Paathshala, students, NCC cadets, NGOs, SHGs, clubs etc are taught the uses of various digital tools viz. to educate their customers about Card payments, their benefits and solving any concerns raised by the customers. Prayogshala is targeted at those who are associated with fee or business-based income, by showing them how the Bharat Quick Response code works and how other digital tools operate. The practical usage of various payment methods at places like schools, colleges, residential complexes is to create awareness on the benefits of cashless banking transactions.
The villagers are much excited about Pathshala & Prayogshala conducted from village to village by BOI. Under this initiative, the bank staffs have been meeting the families in the village and have enabled them to open bank accounts and seed their Aadhaar numbers, which is the only pre-requisite for enabling the entire village to become cash-less. Today, digitization is not just a need of the towns and big cities but has become a necessity across all regions and strata of the country including the Rural India. This gave rise to the concept called Digital Village. A village where most of the day to day transactions happen in a cashless mode with services like, Mobile Wallets, Credit/Debit cards and Internet Banking etc. One of the key points is providing cash-less banking services to every villager.
Bank of India’s objective has been to show that technology can be used to eliminate barriers that separate rural and urban India.BOI is ensuring that the teaching can be much more effective and can be done without physical books or any other physical items in a school. Earlier, teaching used to be between just the teacher and the student. But now Bank of India has become a teacher for villagers with digital aid.
—Vinod C. Dixit,
B-15 Jyoti-kalash Society,
Jodhpur Tekra, B/H Sundervan Ahmedabad.



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