Entry Refused.!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 2/14/2018 1:55:33 PM

As I watch Trump disallowing outsiders into his turf, I wonder why those who want to go to his land of milk and honey don’t make their own land as good or better, so they can say, “Ours is now better than yours sir!” I imagined a day like that: “Sir,” says the only emigration officer on duty at the JFK Airport, “I haven’t got my salary!”
“I have no money to pay you man,“ says Donald, “There’s nobody coming here anymore! Why aren’t they though?”
“They don’t need to sir!” says his Vice President with a forlorn look, “They’ve made their own countries better than ours!”
“Better than my America?”
“Yes, Mr President! You kept shooing them away from your Garden of Eden till they made their own Edens!” said the Vice President, “Many of our own people have left to live there!”
“What’s so special?” growled Trump.
“No walls Mr President! In the Eden’s they have built, there’s no black or white or brown, everyone is treated equal!”
“You mean in those shi…h.les!”
“And they’ve made that a sacred word sir! After you used it, it inspired them to come out of their shi..les and make them diamond mines!”
“So, let’s go and have a look! I want to see what they have that’s keeping them coming here!” said the President, “Come on let’s check Asia!”
The President’s old Air Force One flew into the sky and kept flying towards Asia. Suddenly the president and his vice-president heard the distinct sound of other aircraft outside, Trump beamed. “What I love,“ he said with a smile, “Is the sound of America’s best fighter jets accompanying me everywhere?”
“I’m afraid you’re wrong sir!” said his VP, “no longer can we afford the fuel cost of our planes guarding you. Congress passed, you fly alone!”
The voice of a worried pilot came on the air, “Mr President, those are fighter planes from Asian countries, they have ordered us to turn back!”
“Tell them who I am!” said the President angrily.
“It was when we did, that they ordered us around sir. They do not want you entering their countries!”
“What about Africa?” asked the President.
“I’m afraid the same applies there too sir. They’ve messaged, refusing entry!”
The President looked out of his window, and saw green fields, unpolluted blue sky, and large cities with towering buildings, “Looks like we’re still over America!” he said with a smile.
“No sir,” said his VP, “You are now flying over the very countries you called shi.holes!”
Trump watched as his old plane turned around and flew back to what was once the richest country in the world. “Passport sir?” asked the same emigration officer.
“Dammit, you know who I am!”
“Entry refused..!” said the officer with a smirk, as the President gasped.



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