Survival of Congress in India

Kashmir Times. Dated: 3/12/2018 3:35:39 PM

Dear Editor
It refers to UPA chairperson in a TV conclave saying that someone other than from Nehru-Gandhi family may take charge of country's oldest political party Congress till now taken like some family-trust of Nehru-Gandhi family. But if it is to be done, it should be done now rather than waiting for a complete ruin of the party.
Evidently political parties with traditional dynastic control are taken like some family-industry of politics with huge funds at control of party-President in case he happens to be from the controlling family. Evidently no one would like fund-control to be transferred to a non family-member. Best is that present Congress President may continue to be crowned as crowned king with all financial powers in his control. But at the same time, a post of working President may be created in Congress who may look into all other party-affairs other than fund-control. Some capable, deserving and publicly acceptable person can be made working President of Congress to save the party from being ruined completely.
--Madhu Agrawal
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba, DELHI 110006 (India)



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