Another Australia..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 3/12/2018 3:35:54 PM

British physicist and mathematician Stephen Hawking said the human race should consider relocating to other parts of the cosmos to survive.
I cannot agree with him more, and feel in India we should follow what the English did a few centuries ago when they started relocating to Australia:
First they sent their criminals.
We should do the same. As soon as a culprit's been convicted he should be put on a space ship and sent to Mars, Venus or Jupiter or even the moon; whichever planet India has taken over.
As Mr Hawking rightly said this is the only way society can survive, especially Indian society, for if there is delay in sending the fellow off into space, and instead allow him to languish in jail, he will come out a hero in the eyes of our people and land with a seat in Parliament! Many years have passed since our freedom fighters landed in jail and came out leaders and we still believe solitary confinement made statesmen of them!
The next lot of people who should be sent to colonies in outer space should be aged, ancient, doddering politicians; men and women who have finished doing the country service, but still continue poking their noses into places their noses shouldn't be. There in the new colonies they should be allowed to wander, writing poetry, having their chotta pegs, digging those same noses, and falling asleep while their PA's brief them to what is happening back home.
Small microphones should be given to them with no amplifiers into which they can practice the art of rhetoric with longs pauses as they again sip their chotta pegs. Moon buggies should be given to others so that they may traverse the colony planet and continue with their different yatras! Walking sticks also to poke criminals and reserve quotas for them in jails! Learning from what England of yore did to Australia, it is important that we teach this new colony some sport like cricket so that matches can be organized between the colony and the home country with the prize being an urn containing 'ashes' of memoirs written by ageing politicians!
Many suggestions have been received as to who will head this plan; the general consensus is to give the job to the prime minister who without doubt will convert this scheme into a money making venture, and with his marketing skills be able to make this new venture attractive not just for aged politicians and criminals but for their sons and daughters who will be able to spend their alleged ill gotten gains into developing the planet into another Australia..!
Stephen Hawking's idea gives hope to our country..!



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