We Are Mobile..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 3/13/2018 12:17:38 PM

My brother in law who's visiting India after quite some years was amazed at the change in the country, "It's like a revolution's taken place," he said, shaking his head in admiration.
"The roads, bridges and flyovers? Or the buildings and airport?"
"The mobile!" he said simply, "you chaps have really started using the cell phone in innovative ways, and I swear Bob I've seen some guys carrying two, even three phones like a necklace round their necks!"
"Yes," I said proudly, "India's gone mobile!"
"I was at the market the other day," he said, "helping my wife with some shopping, "when I saw this real poor woman begging, holding a little baby in her lap, "I was reaching for my wallet, when I heard a phone ring!"
"Yours?" I asked.
"Hers!" he said, "she didn't look up at the money I'd taken out, she was already reaching into the folds of her skirt, searching for the instrument, she then pulled it out and started a conversation, ignoring me and do you know what?"
"What?" I asked.
"She looked across the road and I followed her glance, she was talking to another beggar on the other side. Can you believe it? That fellow had enough money to make a call to her and continue a conversation which went on for minutes, instead of walking across!"
"Walking across would have meant losing business," I laughed.
"And then on another occasion, "I saw a chap talking very animatedly into his phone!"
"Oh all of us do that," I said, "we are a very dramatic people!"
"Till," continued, my brother in law, "the phone the man was talking into suddenly rang! You should have seen the shock on the fellows face as he looked around to see who had seen him talking the whole while to nobody in particular!"
"Maybe we've reached a stage when we've started talking to our phones!" I said and found my brother in law giving me a strange look, "Yes Bob, you've got a point, I think I saw you do that yesterday, when you didn't want to talk to me and continued nodding into your cell!"
"No," I said.
"Yes," he said, "That was my cell you picked up and used!"
We walked along, silent, till he suddenly burst out laughing and pointed to a father and his little son on a bike down the road, "Look," he said and I laughed along with him.
The son who was sitting pillion was holding the phone from behind onto his father's ear, but every time they hit a bump the phone moved away from ear and mouth and much of the conversation we suspected was unheard, "Must be his wife," I said. We met the little fellow at a shop standing near the bike while his father shopped, "we saw you," I said, "who was it, your mother?"
The little fellow had a wicked smile on his face, "Nobody called!" he grinned, "Dad started lecturing me on how he always came first in class, and I bluffed him there was a call! I enjoyed the ride..!"
"You guys have learnt more uses for the mobile phone than the rest of the world!" said my brother in law shaking his head in admiration.



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