MPs pay for

Kashmir Times. Dated: 4/12/2018 7:23:34 PM

Dear Editor,
Refer to “Hey MPs, we want work done, not our money back” (ATM April 8, 2018). The budget session of the Parliament that ended last week was a total washout, due to repeated disruptions over various demands. It is the combined duty of all MPs to ensure Parliament functions smoothly in public interest. A Parliament session’s washout is waste of crores of public money. The proportionate loss should be recovered from the MPs by not only freezing all their emoluments but also attaching or recovering the money from their and their families’ assets.
This is the only way to run the Parliament smoothly. Such a provision is needed for the country’s economic development as well as for some cleaning of the political scene. Also, the MPs should not be allowed to pursue any other full-time or part-time business or profession during their term.
—M. Kumar,
B-49, Gulmohar Park,
New Delhi.



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