Several protests held against Kathua rape and murder

FARZANA SYED. Dated: 4/14/2018 11:02:32 AM

Social media remains abuzz with outrage from netizens, celebrities

SRINAGAR, Apr 13: Protests were held at several places across Srinagar on Friday against the brutal Kathua rape and murder incident.
Massive protests were staged by the shopkeepers and traders of Khanyar locality in old Srinagar on Friday against the incident.
Demanding stringent action against the perpetrators of the heinous incident, scores of traders staged protest demonstration and demanded justice for the slain 8 year old girl.
The protesting traders were also joined by scores of locals in the area. The protesters decried the shielding of those involved in committing the barbaric crime.
"Those who have committed such inhuman and barbaric crime should be hanged till death. It is a matter of utmost shamlessness how such beasts are being supported by certain groups and political party. They should be brought to book immediately," the protesters said.
The protesters said that it was ironical and shameful the way perpetrators were enjoying a political shield.
Protests were also held by the members of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front post Friday prayers. The protesting members demanded stern action against the culprits while condemning the support for the culprits from various sections in Jammu division.
Protests were also held in other parts of Kashmir and Chenab valley against Asifa rape and murder.
Pertinently, the shout for justice for Asifa has grown louder and stronger with people across the country coming forward in demand of justice for the 8 year old kid who was brutally raped and murdered under a well planned conspiracy.
Meanwhile, social media erupted with the outrage and anguish over the horrific Kathua incident. While as the bone chilling incident has evoked a tide of resentment and anguish, netizens from across Kashmir and entire India are resorting to social media to condemn and debate the horrible incident and the developments that unfolded in the aftermath.
"There can be no two opinion on how horrific the rape and murder was, how beastly the intent and motive was and how shameful that lawyers resorted to blocking 'justice' using the tricolour but worse of all are those who are justifying all of this," posted a women's activist on her face book account.
The social media has remained abuzz with the hashtags like #Justice for Asifa, shameless politics.
"Most horrifying rape murder cases against a young 8-year old Aasifa girl from the Bakerwal Community. Was well planned rape and murder case”.
Most shocking is some shameful ppl holding National flag in support of accused. Ppl of Jammu should come together," posted a scholar on his Facebook wall.
The horrifying rape and murder of 8 year old Asifa has sent shock waves not only across Kashmir but entire India with people and celebrities coming out in support for the justice for Asifa.
Several bollywood celebrities, politicians took to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to express their anguish and demand of justice for the slain kid.
Apart from former Chief Minister of Kashmir Omer Abdullah, several bollywood stars including Sonam Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Kamal Hassan resorted to social media and expressed their outrage against the Kathua incident.



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