Rape communalised and politicised

By S I H KAZMI. Dated: 4/16/2018 11:07:47 PM

It is height of insensitivity that gang rape of 8 year old Bakerwal girl and then stoning her to death after she was kidnapped and drugged in the month of January this year in Rassana village of Kathua district has been communalised and politicised to such an extent that it has been globally condemned. All sane voices have expressed their dismay the way it has been handled by the locals instigated by the vested hard core communalists and politicians. Instead of having condemned the shameful incidence of gang rape of a minor and shared the grief of the affected family and be a source to balm their wounds they have been agitating for the release of the culprits. Even the state government cannot be absolved of its suggestive silence on the part played by its two ministers.
Sadly the lawyers too jumped in the fray and probably inadvertently took the side of the sympathisers in support of the accused persons. In a press conference the President of the Bar Association of Jammu is reported to have said that he is all sympathetic for the deceased victim and his family. Lawyers want that full justice should be done with the case and perpetrators booked and punished by handing over the case to CBI, which demand is of the agitators too. It seems rather an undesirable demand at least by the lawyer fraternity.
Sensing that the state government will not agree to it as the best option with them was to approach the court. However, they choose the way according to their wisdom. It can be debated as to why the agitators, ministers and others were/ are pressing for the CBI probe. Why don't they have faith in the local police? Nevertheless the case is now in the court. Let the concerned wait for the decision. One would like to ask a pertinent question as to why the lawyers created problem when the charge sheet was to be filed in the CJM court at Kathua? And why the advocate who is the counsel of victim's family is being intimidated and pressurized to leave the case. She has openly blamed the BAJ Chief?
This cruel, merciless and monstrous act committed by the communal minded bunch of people to grind their own axe and supported by those who are enjoying the patronage of the powers that be and where ever it is highly condemnable and is denounced by unbiased persons of the society (and they are not Kashmir-Centric minded as alleged by the President of the BAJ in a press conference but are encouraged, patronized and shielded by the party in power).
Let we the people of the state who are known for communal harmony, brotherhood, humanity, compassion and warm-heartedness that have maintained calm even in the worst circumstances, some stray cases notwithstanding, keep high the flag of oneness and outrightly refuse to succumb to the dictates of those who are bent upon dividing the people on the basis of religion, caste and creed to save their chairs of power and garner the votes so that they may continue to play their foul games. Let we be the proud Indians. Not only Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs etc but true human beings and humanity should be our cherished goal.



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