Passengers sitting on floors of metro-trains in Delhi

Kashmir Times. Dated: 5/10/2018 4:32:52 PM

Dear Editor,
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has rightly formulated norms against passengers sitting on floors of metro-rails. But it should be properly notified by writing inside the metro-trains mentioning possible punishment for violation. Even announcement in this regard in metro-trains is not adequate and proper where it is in form of request and not as warning of an offence.
I saw a policeman suddenly boarding metro-train at Patel Chowk station at about 7 am on 04.05.2018 and taking out all those sitting on floor. Some of them might have been regular passengers knowing well about the rule. But it was certainly unfair to those who were put in great trouble of police-harassment in morning hours when they were going to join their duty. It might have cost them in terms of salary-loss also because unnecessary spent of time during police-interrogation apart from mental torture.
DMRC should install proper display-boards on interior of metro-trains warning against sitting on floors. Announcement-system inside metro-trains should be modified firstly to make it in form of warning rather than request, and secondly increasing frequency of announcement for voluntary compliance in this regard. Even some fine can be notified properly against sitting on floors of metro-trains.
—Madhu Agrawal,
1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba, Chandni Chowk Delhi.



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