Sushma Swaraj tells Kashmiri student who sought her help

Kashmir Times. Dated: 5/11/2018 12:26:05 AM

NEW DELHI, May 10 (Agencies): External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Thursday told a Kashmiri student, who sought her help and who is currently residing in the Philippines, that there was no such place as 'Indian occupied Kashmir'.
The student, Sheikh Ateek had tweeted Swaraj for help regarding his passport, saying, “I am from J&K doing medicine course here in the Philippines, my passport got damaged, I applied for new one month ago, I request you to please help me get it as I literally need to go home for medical check-up." He had tagged Swaraj in his tweet.
Incidentally, his profile said that he is from 'Indian occupied Kashmir' and the EAM reminded him that no such place existed in India. "If you are from J&K state, we will definitely help you. But your profile says you are from 'Indian occupied Kashmir'. There is no place like that," she said.
Later, the student corrected the description and then his account was found to be deleted. Swaraj acknowledged the change in description and then directed the authorities to help him. “I am happy that you have corrected the profile. Jaideep, he is an Indian national from J&K. Please help him,” she tweeted.
Swaraj is known to be a hands-on minister and very active on the social media. More often than not, anyone seeking her help at any time of the day or night, gets a quick response from her.
In January 2018, she had announced that she will 'personally monitor' Indian embassies’ responses to requests for help and it is due to her efforts that legitimate problems of Indian citizens at home and abroad is being addressed regularly.
For her ability to reach out, Swaraj has earned monikers such as the 'supermom of the state' and the 'common tweeple’s leader'. She was also included in Foreign Policy magazine's list 'for fashioning a novel brand of Twitter diplomacy' and has been in the list of 100 global thinkers.



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