Women Leadership conclave ‘Pink Marathon : Empowered women Empower Women’ organised

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 5/14/2018 12:44:43 PM

JAMMU, May 13: Epilogue Press organised a Women Leadership Conclave: “Pink Marathon : Empowered women Empower Women” here today .
This was a first of kind Conclave which will be driven by and for the women. This event is to be seen as the continuation of Epilogue’s recent Leadership Conclave “Bridging Divides”, held in January this year.
The event was attended by over 150 female attendees comprising political leaders of all parties, prominent citizens, senior government officials, senior police officers along with industrialists, startups, academicians, and research scholars, from Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.
This event engaged active leaders from the field of politics, business, corporate world, non-governmental service and judiciary to inspire, empower the aspiring young vibrant women delegates. The combination of National and regional perspective on Women rights goes a long way in the real engagement and empowerment of women.
The topics of discussion included Women Empowerment and active role in policy making, Understanding Rights and Laws regarding women and Holistic development and obligation of the society to ensure safety of women.
The welcome and Introduction by Monika Kohli, CBI retainer Counsel, was phonetically delightful as she added new dimensions to the empowerment debate and earned many fans from the participants.
The first session of the day captioned as Women in Leadership/Policy Making dwelt primarily on gender equality, empowerment of women through their induction in Leadership roles.
Rinchen Angmo, senior journalist was the moderator for this panel.
She very strongly said that she is against gender based educational institutions as they tend to widen the discrimination between the two genders. Every female is a feminist rather more than a closet feminist, so a sexual assault incident should be discussed more by a man. Indian ancient wisdom recognises a soul which is beyond gender.
She spoke that current female struggle is not about equality but equal opportunities. She stressed on the need for development of skills, competency and believing in herself.
The short lunch break paved way for second session which was Understanding Rights and Laws regarding women. This focussed upon Empowerment, engagement and participation of women in political and democratic processes. This was a panel of suave, intelligent, mature women who immediately had all attention drawn to their discussion.. Monika Kohli moderated the session, which dealt largely with legal aspects of Women.
The final session was on Holistic development and obligation of the society to ensure safety of women, with Rachna Sharma, Founder of Vision 2021, as the moderator. The renewed energy and enthusiasm of her voice was too infectious.
Talking to the press Tito, Editor said “Epilogues’ Pink Marathon Empowered Women Empower Women, as the name suggests, is a platform for bringing together the present-age women achievers to discuss some burning issues that the youth of the region faces.
Women are changing the world in ways we all follow all of the time, whether we're aware of that or not. While we routinely don't acknowledge them for doing it, the fact is that society is dragged forward chained to the heels of women, today and throughout all times. There is a lot we can learn from them.
Like no generation before, women are connected to each other, often in ways others cannot imagine. The mapping of human ecology has never been nearly effective in history as it is now, with the appearance and immutability of social networking and technology to support connectivity becoming as ubiquitous as it is. These connections are becoming more obvious than ever before, and while the benefits are still becoming apparent, today's generation of women are growing up with it. Because of this, they are changing the world in ways we've never imagined.
Tito Ganju, Editor epilogue added that “ There is need to build a strong culture of debate all the way down at the school level itself, so that there is capacity inherent in the individuals as they come up in life, to accept and appreciate the other point of view. There is need to engage in debates and discussions, to understand and contextualize the ‘other’ opinion, after all, decades of academic research have proven that the benefits that accrue as a result of engaging in debate and discussion are life-changing. At the very least, it helps us see the power of deploying rational, reasoned arguments and compelling evidence in action. This rationality, these reasoned arguments and compelling evidences can set the ball rolling in the direction of a solution to our problems.”



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