Hate monger fired from job

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 5/14/2018 12:46:57 PM

SRINAGAR, May 13: A man who had spread hatred and used abusive language against Kashmiri women was fired by his US-based company against the act on Sunday.
Ashish Kaul, who as per his Twitter profile worked for a US-based company Development Dimensions International Inc., had used provocative and uncivilized language against Kashmiri women.
The company reportedly fired Kaul for his act on the social media.
Jammu and Kashmir police yesterday had also lodged case against the accused, while his twitter account was also suspended.
“Kill the *** economically and let them sell their daughters, wives in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai to feed themselves!” Kaul has written on the microblogging website.
In another tweet, Kaul had said: “I love when Kashmiri Muslim women cry on roads- Ye Masooom tha, begunah tha! Amarnath Cha thus Ya Zadadi- the proof is in the causality chart of last 1 year, sorry 8 years, We are killing, maiming and raping you at will! Ha Haa, Cry aloud Azaadi”.
His tweets evoked angry reactions from social media users with many tagging his employer, DDI World, and asking if it condoned such hate-mongering. The company, an international firm specialising in providing leadership tools to corporates around the world, acted with lightening speed to inform that Kaul, the hate-monger, had been fired.
The company said, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As a matter of policy, we cannot publically comment on employee matters; however, we are taking this situation seriously.”
The company later issued a full statement, which read, “On Friday, May 11, DDI was alerted to the fact that an employee who worked as a consultant in India had made statements on social media that condoned violence against members of the community in the Kashmir region. We were shocked and saddened by the nature of these posts, which are in direct violation of our mission and values. As soon as we learned about the social media posts, we immediately suspended the employee and launched an investigation to determine the full scope of the issue. As of May 12, we have accepted the individual’s resignation. This individual’s opinions were his alone, and do not reflect the values of DDI.
“At DDI, we are strong advocates for equality and diversity, and deeply believe in the value of peaceful resolution of conflict. As part of our mission to create better leaders around the world, we also believe we have a responsibility to serve our communities and make them better places to live and work. We hold ourselves and our employees to the highest standards of personal conduct, and refuse to tolerate violence and hate speech of any kind. While we deeply regret this incident, we are moving forward as an organization with strengthened vigor to develop leaders that heal and support stronger workplaces and communities.”
The company had already informed about sacking Kaul in its subsequent tweet saying that Kaul’s bigotry and criminal act ‘goes beyond a simple matter of employment.”
It had said, “DDI immediately launched a full investigation upon discovering this issue. We do not condone violence of any kind, & this issue goes beyond a simple matter of employment. We can verify that this person no longer works for DDI, & we are continuing to address the situation fully.”
Kaul has since then deleted his Twitter account.



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