My dad was not hesitant to declare me out, says ex-Kenya captain Hitesh Modi

BIPIN DANI. Dated: 5/14/2018 12:53:22 PM

MUMBAI, May 13: Former Kenya captain Hitesh Modi, who now lives in England, is in India to watch the few IPL matches. He has been invited by the Rajasthan Royals.
Speaking exclusively, he said,"me and my brother in Law (Sandip Saujani) from UK are here in India especially for the IPL Matches in Jaipur and Mumbai. We are the Guests of The Rajasthan Royals in Jaipur. We have been enjoying the exciting matches and the wonderful hospitality of the hosts".
"I must say that the IPL is superbly well-organized and indeed is the finest and the best cricket tournament in the world and is being watched by millions of people on TV and also in packed grounds".
"What a great feeling to watch the IPL matches from the VIP stand within the stadium", he added.
Interestingly, during his playing days, Hitesh Modi was given out LBW by his father (Subhash Modi), who was umpiring in the international match.
Elaborating about the incident, he says,"well no one likes to be given out LBW by the umpire and I was also no exception when my father, then ICC Umpire, ruled me out LBW against Bangladesh at Nairobi Gymkhana in 2006 in the official ODI match".
"I was out and my dad has no hesitation in raising his finger, but I thought my father should not have umpired the match though he was appointed by ICC. It became a unique sort of world record that father adjudged his son out LBW".
"It had never happened before in the hisotry of ODIs where both and son featured as an umpire and a player. I am proud to say my father is still active in umpiring in Kenya for the past 38 years and loves the noble game of cricket". Finally it is great to be here in India again for the IPL matches", he signed off.
Ex-Kenya captain paid a visit to Shree Siddhi Vinayak Temple and has been renewing friendships with cricketers. He is scheduled to return to England on Wednesday.



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