Thunderstorms hit life badly

Kashmir Times. Dated: 5/17/2018 1:05:22 PM

Dear Editor,
Sadly, a good number of people were killed across the country as rain, thunderstorms hit various states throwing life out of gear and leaving behind a trail of destruction due to falling of trees also. Trees are elixir of life -essential and must for good environment for human beings to live healthy and hearty. There are enough laws for their protection. But that needs urgent amendments to allow removal of very weak and dangerous ones like falling easily on low speed of air-storm. One way is to check at regular intervals their strength to face how much velocity-speed of air it can withstand and such measures to check their strength to stand and bear some minimum speed storm. For weak one’s necessary corrective actions life nurturing properly to increase their strength or removal if that is not possible. Or even if otherwise trees have become unhealthy ones from different angles.
This way lives of human beings can be saved and loss of properties like damage to vehicles etc. parked under the tree etc. It seems that the weather has become unpredictable now and the seasons are changing too from its scheduled -fixed timings-periods etc.
The necessary other long term possible measures too are required now for safe -guarding human lives and loss of properties etc.
Some changes in the present Rules Under the Indian Forest Act, are required: to allow to cut down a tree in your premises; and if it is blocking your way, whose branches are spreading to your house or blocking hoardings,
For environment purposes, there should be different law-Act and not the Rules of Forest Act as cities are not forests. Very often electricity department cuts rightly trees which becomes problem for electricity wires. The same way when trees are a problem rather than an asset for environment, the same must be cut by the concerned authorities of its own like they become an obstruction -unfriendly for human beings!
—Mahesh Kumar,
B-49, New Delhi



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