God's Beauty Queen..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 5/17/2018 1:05:44 PM

At the world's premier beauty pageant there is quite a buzz as the audience hears there is going to be just one judge for the beauty contest. "Ladies and gentlemen," says the compere, pointing to an empty seat, "today we have the honour and privilege of having God as our judge!"
"But we can't see Him," complain the scantily dressed damsels as they peep from behind the curtains at the empty seat."
"Have faith, He is here," says the compere, as all the contestants move body, bone and behind to sway onto the stage.
"Tell them to put all their clothes on," says God's voice to the compere.
"Why?" asks a beauty, flashing her curves.
"Because I can see your beauty with your clothes on," says God.
"What about my curves?" asks a beauty from India
"My bosom?" asks one from Sri Lanka
"My lovely long legs?" says another beautiful contestant from Hawaii.
"Man looks at the outward appearances but the Lord looks at the heart!" says God.
"What? What did God say?" ask the flustered beauty contestants.
"He says He is looking at your heart," says the compere sternly to the puzzled contestants.
"But that's not part of the criteria God!" cry the beauties.
"Whose criteria?" asks God.
"The judges!"
"I am the judge my dear girls, and I can't think of anything more alluring and attractive than a beautiful heart," says God, "You there near the exit!"
"God that's the cleaning woman!" says the compere.
"So?" asks God.
"Look at her dress!"
"Her skin God. Just look at her skin" shout the lovely ladies laughing.
"Her hair!"
"Her heart! Look at her heart. Come on stage my dear girl. Tell them where you were last night," says God.
"At the hospital with my neighbour's sick mother," says the shy cleaning woman feeling out of place with the other contestants as she climbs on stage.
"What were you doing with your neighbour's mother?" asks God gently.
"Looking after her while my neighbour went home and got some sleep."
"Did you sleep last night my child?" asks God.
"No God, the old lady was afraid and frightened through the night at the hospital, I held her hand and had to comfort her through the night," whispers the cleaning woman, "That's why I couldn't change!"
"You came straight to work?"
"Yes Lord."
"Don't you feel sleepy my child?" "I feel happy my Lord. The dear old lady was asleep like a baby when I left her!"
"Her heart shines!" says the voice of God as He gets up from his chair and leaves the hall, unknown to any.
"Ladies and gentlemen the winner of the beauty contestant is the cleaning woman!" announces the compere, as he presents her with the world's most sought after golden crown. The crowd stands and applauds, truly dazzled by the true beauty that shines from her heart and which only a God above had first seen..!



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