Installation of CCTVs Cameras in Exam halls

Kashmir Times. Dated: 6/8/2018 10:43:26 AM

Dear Editor,
The malpractice of mass copying instances have shown an unprecedented rise in the recent years during 10th and 12th grade examinations conducted by the J&K Board of School Education. The mass cheating cases are very high in the remote areas of Distt. Doda where concerned Board Authority is unable to each in time on the days of the exams. Not only students, but even some teachers are involved in this practice. This malpractice is helping lazy and influential students get marks equivalent (or even higher) than the bright, hardworking students. This is not fair on the students who work really hard for these exams. The decision of installing closed circuit TV cameras in the examination halls that has been taken by the J&K Government is a welcomed step. With this digital security surveillance system, the exam centres will create a safe space, devoid of cheating, that encourages fairness. In my opinion, all examination centres musts install CCTV cameras in order to safeguard the conducting of fair examinations. If our teachers or students are caught using unfair measures, they will be issued a notice by the invigilators concerned. The student will then be expected to sign it, and if they disagree to do so, the notice will be sent to their addresses by the Centre Superintendent.
Candidates must be frisked properly before letting them enter the hall, after which they must follow the seating arrangement that is posted outside the examination room. There must be a zero tolerance policy against those who commit examination fraud. It is therefore requested to Honourable Minister of School Education, Jenab Chowdhary Zulfkar Ali and Chief Minister of J&K State, Mehnooba Mufti to provide for HD CCTV Cameras to the J&K Board of School Education, Jammu and Kashmir for conducting fair and smooth board examinations from this year on. This should definitely lead to these exams being taken a lot more seriously by everyone, especially the students. Mool Raj,
R/o Bhagota (Panjsoo)



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