No amnesty for stone-pelters again: Rajnath

Shuchismita. Dated: 6/9/2018 4:48:18 AM

`Need for right-minded, not like-minded, for dialogue’

JAMMU, Jun 8: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh Friday stated that there would be no amnesty for stone-pelters in the Valley again and review was only restricted to the past announcements.
He also stated that he had spoken to the Chief Minister with regard to withdrawal of FIRs filed against security personnel for their “acts in self-defence.”
Though he remained evasive with regard to queries about the failure of “tit-for-tat policy” on borders yet stated all steps were being taken to minimize casualties.
Rajnath was replying to media queries in a press interaction organized here before wrapping up his two-day much-hyped visit to J&K.
The Union Home Minister was flanked by the Union Minister of State in Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Dr Jitendra Singh, Deputy Chief Minister Kavinder Gupta and the Union Home Secretary Rajiv Gauba at the dais in the media interaction.
When asked whether five Cs - Compassion, Communication, Coexistence, Confidence building and Consistency, which he had spelt out as a permanent solution to J&K problem last year during his visit to Kashmir, really worked or made a difference and what was his observation during his visit to the Valley this time, his reply was affirmative.
“Yes, I think - to some extent, they did work. This time I could see normal traffic movement on the roads which was a scenario in contrast to my experience during my earlier five or six visits to the Valley. There were people standing on the roads, I waved to them, they responded. Similarly 5000-6000 people, including youth and children, participated in the Sports conclave. The participants also comprised a good number of locals, they very peacefully participated in the function,” he said.
ON TALKS WITH PAK: He reiterated that the Centre wanted good ties with all neighbours, including Pakistan yet the latter should also work in right earnest to make it happen. “I’ve clarified yesterday also in the press conference at Srinagar. We wanted good ties with all our neighbours including Pakistan but the latter should also demonstrate its seriousness. At least it should take an initiative to stop use of its soil for promoting and sponsoring terrorism in India,” he said.
NEED TO BE RIGHT-MINDED, NOT LIKE-MINDED FOR TALKS: He rejected the contention that BJP was surrendering before PDP by compromising on national security on all issues, including issue of talks with Hurriyat.
“See what I’ve repeated earlier at least ten-times, I don’t see any point in reiterating that. I stated in Srinagar also yesterday – ‘There’s no need to be like-minded but there’s need to be right-minded for dialogue,” Rajnath said.
IS TIT-FOR-TAT POLICY ON BORDERS REALLY PAYING OFF IN THE BACKDROP OF RISING DEATHS OF CIVILIANS, SECURITY PERSONNEL IN CEASEFIRE-VIOLATIONS INCIDENTS?: The Union Home Minister evaded a direct answer to a pointed query as whether tit-for-tat policy on borders was really paying off as the number of civilian deaths as well as that of security personnel was much higher as compared to the other (Pak) side.
“Remain confident (of our acts). Bharat Ab Pehle Wala Bharat Nahin Raha Hai…India has changed, it’s not India as it used to be in the past. It has emerged stronger. What will happen.. just see…,” he said.
When pointed out that the failure of this policy was evident in higher loss of lives suffered by Indian side as compared to number of casualties reported by Pak media on their side, his answer was, “Don’t be under this impression. Don’t get carried away by the number they (Pak media) are projecting.”
Was construction of bunkers a new norm on the border – a kind of acceptance of deteriorating situation vis-à-vis Pakistan with no change visible in near future, confronted with this question, Rajnath said, “No, we cannot say (predict) anything on this account. It’s just that we should take precautions and that’s what we’re doing it, taking all desirable steps.”
In response to another related question, he said that the government was deliberating on all measures to minimize casualties on borders.
EXTENSION OF CEASEFIRE DURING AMARNATH YATRA ONLY AFTER SECURITY REVIEW: Union Home Minister remained non-committal about extension of unilateral Ramzan ceasefire during Amarnath Yatra.
Responding to a related query, he said that unilateral ceasefire was announced during holy month of Ramzan to facilitate the people to observe it peacefully in consonance with its spirit.
“After consultations with the Prime Minister, it was announced so that the peace-loving people, for whom this (Ramzan) is a pious occasion, should not face any difficulties in observing this month with religious sanctity. As far as Amarnath Yatra is concerned, we’ll review security situation and talk to different people (stakeholders). Jo Uchit Hoga Wahi Kiya Jayega (Right decision will be taken after weighing all pros and cons…),” he said.
ON ROHINGYAS: Rajnath said all states were asked to conduct a survey of Rohingya Muslims living in the country and were also cautioned against providing any legal documents to the community that would help the latter claim Indian citizenship later at any point of time.
Responding to a question about the steps taken by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to deport the Rohingyas, he said, “Advisory was issued to all states that no document should be given to them so that they can claim citizenship of the country in future.”
Singh said the process of deportation of the community would begin once the survey information from all the states reached the Ministry, “See, they are from Burma. They should go back there and they’ll have to,” he added.
ON MAOISTS’ ‘RAJIV GANDHI LIKE ASSASSINATION PLOT’ AGAINST THE PRIME MINISTER: Queried about Maharashtra police revelations about Maoists’ alleged “Rajiv Gandhi like assassination plot against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rajnath stated that the government had always been very serious about his (Prime Minister’s security) yet as far as “Maoist terrorists” were concerned, they were fighting a lost battle.
“We have always been very serious about the Prime Minister’s security. However, as far as Maoists are concerned, they are fighting a lost battle. Maoist extremism is on decline and this is evident from the fact that at present, there are only ninety districts affected across the country from earlier figure of 135 districts. Even out of them, only ten districts are the most affected by Maoist extremism. So these Maoist terrorists are now simply fighting a lost battle. Naxal violence too will come to an end very soon as it has happened in case of North-East which has registered 85 percent decline in violence by extremists/terrorists,” he said.
The Union Home Minister, however, declined to comment on a question pertaining to reports alleging that Congress was funding Maoists’ violence. His terse reply was, “Since I’ve been on J&K tour for past days. I could have just a cursory glance on such reports so I would not comment on that.”
With regard to a question about procurement of Kashmiri migrants’ land by the government in the Valley, he stated that he would speak to the Chief Secretary of the state and get all information on that aspect.



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