The art of the deal..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 6/14/2018 9:55:03 AM

Profit is the primary motive of a business deal. Who you make a profit from, how you made that profit, doesn’t really matter as long as the final result keeps the cash register ringing. Seems, that’s what the American president is now doing; as Chairman of a company called America, he’s decided to use the art of the deal and show profits, unfortunately, what he and a number of Americans don’t hear is a wailing across the ocean: “Sir!” wail the people of North Korea, “Aren’t you the president of the world’s largest democracy?”
“Yes!” tweets the President proudly, “I am!”
“Which means your people are free! Can speak what they want, do what they want, act the way they want?”
“Yes!” tweets the President proudly, “That’s true!”
“Then why do you hobnob with a man, who’s taken all this away from us? How do you make a deal with a terrorist? A man who threatened to bomb your country?”
And American generals commanding troops across the world, shake their heads in disbelief as they look at a stranger at their door, “Who are you?” they ask, looking at the hooded man carrying a machine gun and bombs tied round his waist.
“The terrorist who bombed your embassy!”
“So why have you come here? Have you decided to give yourself up?” ask the generals.
“I’ve come to be your best friend!”
“You cannot be my best friend, or friend for that matter!” cry the generals, “We fight to maintain law and order whereas you kill and maim to create chaos!”
“But isn’t that your new policy?” asks the terrorist, guffawing, “Isn’t that what your president is telling the world: Do what you want, but leave us Americans alone?”
“Who told you that?”
The terrorist flicks on the remote and the TV comes to life, “Isn’t that your president, hugging the biggest terrorist in the world who threatened to bomb his country?”
Businessmen compromise deals with tough opponents, but when a country with a strong, respected ideology decides to be cowed down by threats and signs treaties with those who’ve intimidated them, it shows a weak leader, or someone producing dubious profit to his shareholders.
I pull out a book, I’d read many years ago, “The Art of the Deal,” written by Trump and place it next to a book brought to me by a tall bearded old fashioned looking man, trying to say something, “What’s it Abe?” I ask.
“Looks like this President is following his own book!” says Abraham Lincoln, “I wonder whether he’s doing the same with all the criminals, thieves, rioters, shooters and gangsters in our country? Telling them, ‘You leave my voters alone, I’ll keep you out of prison!”
I nod at Abe and hear him say softly, “Osama and Obama would have had tea together if the former president had followed the art of the deal..!



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