National Anti-Profiteering Committee should look into excessive prices of car-spares

Kashmir Times. Dated: 8/9/2018 4:10:07 PM

Dear Editor,
In present era of heavy competition in car-market, it is quite likely that manufacturers and dealers of new cars might not be having much profit on sale of new cars. But extra-ordinary heavy prices of car-spares provides heavy profit to car-manufacturers for which they monopolies. Such higher retail price of car-spares provides them enough room to pass on heavy commission on car-spares to car-dealers which are also service-dealers. This is the reason that car-dealers offer heavy discounts of upto 50-percent on labor-charges. Study can prove that a new car assembled from new spare parts purchased at maximum-retail-price will cost much-much higher than the price of new car purchased from car-dealer at ex-showroom price.
National Anti-Profiteering Committee under Department of Revenue of Central Government should look into the matter, and ensure that car-manufacturers may lower prices of car-spares with some reasonable margin only. The Committee should also take up matter of having uniform specifications for essential items like battery, tyres and similar other items for all car-manufacturers to largely reduce inventory with dealers. Bulk production in same sizes and specifications will further bring down cost of such items due to mass-production of items under same size and specification by merging some nearing sizes and specifications. Such guidelines though also mentioned in auto-policy of Union government, are never followed in actual practice.
Too many variants of any car-model confuse customers. There may be just two variants apart from the third with automatic gears, one basic Lx for economy customers and the other Vx with all company-fitted extra accessories and luxuries for affording customers. There is no sense in having too many confusing variants like Lx, Lxi, Vx, Vxi for same model. India being biggest consumer-market amongst nations with free economy, it has certainly power to dictate its consumer-friendly terms for global market-leaders collaborating car-manufacture in India.
—Subhash Chandra Agrawal,
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba, Chandni Chowk Delhi.



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