When you're free from winking, disrupting Parliament, read facts: Amit to Rahul

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 8/10/2018 12:10:37 PM

NEW DELHI, Aug 9 (Agencies) Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Amit Shah on Thursday attacked Congress chief Rahul Gandhi for his participation in a protest against the Centre over Scheduled Caste/Schedule Tribe Atrocities Bill. Recalling his wink in Parliament after he gave a hug to PM Narendra Modi during the debate on trust vote, Shah said that the Congress president should spend some time in reading the facts.
"Rahul Ji, when you are free from winking and disrupting Parliament, give some time to facts as well. NDA Government, through a Cabinet decision and in Parliament ensured the strongest amendment to the Act. Why are you protesting that," Shah questioned in a series of tweets.
"Mr. Rahul Gandhi, expecting research and honesty is difficult from you but do read Mr. Rajiv Gandhi’s speech during Mandal, when he opposed it tooth & nail. The sense of entitlement and hatred for backward communities comes out so clearly. And today you talk about Dalit welfare!," he added.
Hitting out at the Congress, he said that the way the party treats Dalits is patronising and condescending. "For years Congress insulted Dalit aspirations," he said. "Congress legacy- insult Dalit leaders, Dalit pride, oppose Mandal and block OBC Commission," Shah claimed.
Earlier in the day, Rahul had attended a protest by Dalit organisations at Jantar Mantar in Delhi over the alleged dilution of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989. Attacking the Centre, he accused the government of trying to suppress their agitation.
He alleged Prime Minister Narendra Modi of having an "anti-Dalit" mindset and asserted that a government for the welfare of the weaker sections will be formed in 2019 following the BJP's defeat.
"Dalits are being openly beaten and crushed in states where the BJP is in power. Everything starts from intent. If he (Modi) would have had place for Dalits in his heart, then policies would have been framed differently. In Gujarat, he brought out a book of his speeches in which he wrote that Dalits get spiritual satisfaction out of cleaning. These lines throw light on his thinking and ideology," Gandhi said.
Attacking the Prime Minister, Rahul said, "His thinking is anti-Dalit. All Dalits and people from the weaker sections know that the prime minister has no place for Dalits in his heart and mind and wants to crush Dalits. That is why we are standing against him."



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