Women adultery feminine qualities

Kashmir Times. Dated: 10/8/2018 12:28:48 AM

Dear Editor,
In the fast-changing world, Indian society too is transforming vis-à-vis how it treats its women. Slowly more and more men and society now treat women as equal in most spheres of life in all respects. The mindset of men is changing for betterment of women. A small area left by society has now Court’s intervention, as the Supreme Court rightly struck down a colonial-era law of punishing men for adultery though still it is a valid ground for divorce. No more Adultery / Extra martial affair is a criminal offence.
Rightly the apex Court ruled that husband is not the master of (his) wife. Now both husband and wife are equal in their personal relations. Public is not affected by relations of a man and a woman. Social customs are different from legality.
The old age image of women of feminine qualities of politeness, shyness, simpler living is rightly changing.
The older image is much more loved by senior citizens when women imbibed such qualities.
Factually, it is a misconception that a man is tougher than a woman. It’s not the woman but the man who is weak. Every man has a soft corner for the woman in his life and after marriage, in most cases, women dominate the husbands. This is a fact of a man’s life,
--Mahesh Kumar
B-49, Gulmohar Park,
New Delhi



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